Chickweed Pancakes

Chickweed pancakes are a great way to use the common and very nutritious wild edible chickweed besides just using it as an addition to salads.

First, do some foraging and collect some wild chickweed.  We have it growing everywhere in our vegetable garden so this is where I usually harvest it.


Gather about 1 cup of chickweed.  Rinse and blanch chickweed for about 3 minutes. Drain and chop in a blender (leaves and stems).

chickweed and pancake batter

Mix blended chickweed into your pancake batter.  Check out this post if you need a recipe for perfect pancake batter.  Finally pour chickweed batter onto a hot skillet, cook, and add some real butter and some maple syrup (or however you prefer your pancakes).  They taste delicious.

chickweed pancakes



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