“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Everyone Gets Their Shots... Even Us

Today is vaccination day on the farm.
EVERYONE is getting vaccinated....dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, sheep, pigs.
(The goats were already done earlier.)
Typically, vaccinations go off without a hitch.

Last year, however... after losing their mama,
Faith and Hope were quite shy, so catching them was a bit dicey.

They've come a long way in a year and are much friendlier now...

so I anticipate no problems from them.

These two, however....

are a whole different story.
For the first several years, Dr. Becky would vaccinate Ginger and MaryAnn
without them even noticing.
Then, last year, they got a little wiser and decided they were having nothing to do with
that process.
Eventually, the deed was done... but not before we humans got filthy and a couple skinned knees.
This year.... it remains to be seen.

I plan on harvesting a bunch of carrots from the garden to keep the pigs busy...
while Dr. Becky vaccinates them from behind.
(Oh, and their skin is tough as leather...ie: pigskin!)

Several weeks ago, Hubbs and I were vaccinated as well...
hepatitis, typhoid, etc... in preparation for an upcoming trip.
And then, there is this....

We will continue to bring you stories from the farm for the next two...

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