“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Keeping It Real

After months of short days, cold and grey skies, and silence...
I finally had a morning, yesterday, that brought me the promise of spring.
I had to close my eyes to ignore the ice and snow and monochromatic theme of the world,
as well as ignore the icy wind that was ruddying my cheeks and making my nose run.

There it was... with all of those wintery distractions ignored...
the sound of birdsong.
For months, now, all we have heard was the occasional chirp or the distant
cackle of a crow.
Yesterday, however, there was a chorus of birdsong...
a most welcomed sound!

It was, of course, quickly overtaken by the screeching of guinea fowl.
There's nothing like a group of boisterous guineas to shatter the peace of the morning,
or drown out the sweet notes of distant birdsong!

Still... you've got to love these comical birdbrains.
I cannot imagine life without guineas.

Spring cannot come early enough this year.
I'm sure the animals feel this on some level.

They do their best to navigate the snowy fields and search out the
impoverished snow-free patches.

With as much precipitation as we have received in the past year,
the warmth of the sun as the earth tracks closer to its face,
will quickly wake up dormant...

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