“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Sheep Shearing Time

The day finally arrived.
After weeks of warm weather and hot, wooly sheep...
shearing day arrived yesterday.

The funny thing was, though, we awoke yesterday morning to a frigid 25 degrees!

Luckily I had covered my flowers.
I did not, however, cover any of the veggie plants.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that these poor frozen plant-lings survive in the long run.

We had confined the sheep to the barn for the night,
in preparation for their shearing.
Getting them to the barn and into a stall is the hardest part of the whole ordeal,
so doing it a day ahead is essential.

And having them confined in the barn made it so much easier
for Dr. Becky to administer their yearly vaccinations.

They didn't even flinch.

When the sheep shearer sets the girls back on their butts,
it is quite obvious how chubby they are.
Thankfully, much of their size is due to their huge fleeces.

But still... they are chubby sheep.
(It's a breed thing!)

Yesterday morning I had one dirty white sheep and one brown sheep.

Today I have one white sheep and one sheep that is grey with black spots.
Faith used to be my black sheep.
Now she looks exactly like her Mama, Gracie, looked when she was alive.

Shearing was done without any issues.

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