“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Extended Summer Here On The Farm

I must tell you - I am enjoying these unseasonably warm days.  Although, if it were just a scooch cooler (sweater weather) I would be in heaven.  Regardless, I find myself spending hours outside, puttering around the garden and hanging out with the animals.  These days will be short-lived, I am sure.  

Yesterday I worked in the garden, doing one last weeding and pulling the skeletal remains of pepper and tomato plants.  Everything that I pull out gets composted at the edge of the woods, so that all of the nutrients return to the earth.  Today I plan on covering my garden boxes with a thick layer of rich compost for the winter... my beloved garden will be tucked in under a thick winter blanket (of poo!).

I am happy to tell you that yesterday was Daphne's last dressing change. 

 The area of her abscess is no longer painful, so I will just coat her hooves with a waterproof liquid (Coppertox) recommended by Dr. Becky.  Daphne has been such a trooper with the whole ordeal.  Thankfully, that chapter has come to a close. 

Yesterday was moving day for the three ducklings (now basically adults).  Hubbs took two of them and I carried one of them (and drove the gator)... as we transported...

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