“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Who Needs The Orkin Man!

 Our pest management team is working overtime these days.  

After so many months, everyone is happy to be out patrolling the land.

Home grown eggs are the best... and the best eggs come during the season that the chickens can be out free-ranging - eating bugs and grass and all anything else that tickles their fancy.

Chickens are wonderful exterminators, but not quite as effective as guinea fowl.

Chickens have a tendency towards gossip - and gossiping mouths do no work.

Guineas, on the other hand are meticulous about their job... often combing through the grass in precise formation... no time for gossiping.  That's reserved for the end of the day when they finally settle into their roost in the maple tree by the barn.  For a solid 15 minutes they scream at each other the news of the day, squawking uproariously, before settling down to sleep.

Although the runner ducks are also efficient insect hunters, they take their breaks seriously. 

No one is overworked on this crew!

Break time comes to an abrupt halt, however, when a large farm vehicle passes noisily on the nearby road... sending the flock scurrying away from this perceived danger.

While the birds are hard at work,  the four-leggeds...

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