“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Enjoying The Early Signs of Spring

The dogs and I took a walk yesterday afternoon.
The temperature had reached almost 60 degrees and we were all eager
to get outside and enjoy spring.

As usual, Bobby tagged along with us.

We were out in search of signs of spring.
Happily, we found several.
So many things to be thankful for...

The daffodils in the front pasture are ready to bloom.

The hyacinths in the butterfly garden are up.

The goldfinches' drab winter plumage is slowly 
changing into bright summer yellow.

Flocks of grackles and blackbirds and starlings have returned.

Robins are busy nesting.

It's a good time of year to spot nests that will be returned to,
as soon as the camouflage of leaves returns to the trees.

This Baltimore oriole nest hangs next to the vegetable garden.

Each summer as I work in the garden a few orioles serenade me from these trees.
Eventually, one morning I will hear their melodic song and smile at their
much anticipated return.

Everyone seems to be enjoying this stretch of lovely weather
we have been enjoying.

I have had to ban the guineas front the vegetable garden to keep them
from taking dust baths in newly planted seeds.

They are rebelling by decimating all fairy gardens they can get into.

Luckily, fairy...

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Funny Faces

There are days when our animals are quite photogenic.
And there are days when they are not quite photogenic.

Chester... so handsome...

Chester, oh my...

Moonie, so handsome....

Moonie, oh my...

oh, my....

OH, MY!!

We seem to be in a bit of a stall...
stuck somewhere between winter and spring.
Each day we patiently wait, and sure enough, tiny signs emerge.
But, alas, we are eager for warmth and all things out of doors!
And yet, we waste no time... as there's always something to keep us busy....

Here are a few tops that I have made in the past week...
all are 100% cotton.
I am now finished updating my summer clothes.
It's been great fun making them rather than buying them.

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Yesterday was the perfect day for sunbathing...

in a winter coat!

Looking out of the window, it sure looks like spring.
Step outside the door, and it still feels like winter!

There is warmth to the sun, however.
If you sit in the sun long enough it is actually quite comfortable.

The naturalized daffodils in the front pasture will be blooming by the end of the week...
a sure sign of what's to come!

 Our roosters seem to have worked out their differences.
Prince is definitely the alpha rooster.

This one gives him wide berth.

As for the flogging... it only seems to be the neighbors that get flogged...
not us.
(Sorry, Jim and Kathy!)

Friday's comments yielded this question:
"How did the turkeys come to live on the farm?"

Here's the story....

10 years ago, when we moved to the farm full time and built our house,
we bought three just-hatched turkeys.

We had the idea that we would raise them for food.
Of course we made the "mistake" of naming them...
Thanksgiving (Tom), Christmas (Chuck), and Easter (Edith).

We very soon learned that we could never eat something that we named.
Actually, we learned that we could no eat something that had depended upon us for care.
And very quickly, three turkeys became part...

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Welcome April!

I truly am spoiled.
Yesterday was my birthday,
and I am really not sure how it happened that I got to be this age!
(one day at a time... like everyone else!)

I had a spectacular birthday weekend.
Saturday was filled with adventure... off the farm.
Hubbs and I left the farm before the sun came up and drove to New Jersey,

just outside of New York City.
We took a transit train into the city for a day of fun.
When we arrived, we parted ways... but just for the morning.
Hubbs wanted to go through the Natural History Museum again,
and I was craving a trip to the fabric stores of the fashion district.
I found a few pieces of fabric that I brought home with me...

We met each other early in the afternoon and saw the musical "Wicked".
It's the behind the scenes story of Glinda the Good witch and the Wicked Witch of the West.

(photo from Google photos, as taking photos during Broadway productions is strictly forbidden)
What an amazing musical!  (highly recommend, if you ever have the opportunity!)

The main curtain in front of the stage is a map of OZ,
and the sides of the stage are decorated like this...

Our seats were right up front in the center.
Wonderful fun! 
We had dinner in the city, before...

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Working On The Spring Chore List

The past few days have given us the opportunity to get a jump start
on the spring chore list.
We've been gifted several spectacular days in a row...
with temperatures slowly climbing.

By afternoon, yesterday, it had reached the 50's...
perfect for working outside.

While I worked on pruning the vines on the garden fence
(with the usual audience),
Hubbs did repairs to all of our pasture fences.
He saved the dry lot for last.
I happened to glance his way and saw that he had a lot of spectators,
(supervisors, perhaps)

as he screwed a new bottom board onto the dry lot fence.

It's always nice to have help!

The horses didn't seem to be concerned with the sound of
the drill as it drove a screw screeching into the fence board.

If you have ever screwed into an extremely hard board,
then you might be familiar with the screeching sound that a screw
makes as it threads its way through hard wood.

Apparently, that loud screeching scared Fred, for he turned white as a sheet.
See how his wattle turned white?

Normally it looks like this...

A turkey's head and wattle colors are a good indicator of his mood.
Fear causes them to lose the color, while aggression turns everything bright red.

Baseline is red with blue around...

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A Story I've Hesitated To Tell

A couple of weeks ago we had a tragedy here on the farm.
It's taken me this long to get up the courage to write about it.
At first, I just couldn't write about it... too painful.

However, now that time has passed and the pain has eased,
I can tell you the story.
It's not a happy story, and it doesn't have a happy ending.
So, if you are not in the mood.... please skip this portion of today's blog.
In the interest of keeping this blog real...and telling the whole story...
here goes....

It was morning chore time... a very busy time indeed.
While we work, we try to keep our ears on what is happening all over the farm.
We keep our finger on the pulse of all of our beloved animals, so to speak.

This particular incident was one of those that happens so fast,
there is no way to prevent the outcome.
You see... a fight broke out between sweet Bobby cat and one of the little black kitties
(Pissy, I assume).
Now, Bobby (although he looks innocent) is often an instigator.

A cat screaming clatter emanated from the barn and in the blink of an eye, Annie
ran in to intercede.
She picked up the black kitty and gave it a shake...
and with that, it was gone.

We were devastated.
I am sure that Annie had no idea what she...

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Yesterday's Fun

One of the things that I love about spring is that 
each and every day new growth bursts forth and colors emerge
as the world wakes up and comes alive again.
For those of you in the north and midwest who are suffering through snow...
hang in there... I'll send some of our spring your way!!
Hopefully it will soon warm up for you as well.

Yesterday was a busy day.
We took a drive through the country side to State College, home of PSU...

to attend a class on houseplant propagation.

It was held on campus and was great fun!

We were given a variety of cuttings and shown how to coax
them to grow into plants.
Hopefully in a month or so, I will have a few new successful plants to show you.

We spent our evening doing the routine chores
with a few added ones...
like giving de-wormer to the equines,
and cleaning up the pig and sheep yard.

In her typical fashion, MaryAnn marches right over to me and lies down.

Oh, how she loves to be the center of attention... any attention!

Of course a visit to the pig yard always includes a little love fest...

We have no plans to replace Ethel.
Tom and Fred get along quite nicely and have always spent most of the days
I fear that adding a female might make them...

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Yesterday's beautiful sunrise peeled back the night so that a magnificent
day could emerge.

Seventy degrees, sunny, with storybook clouds crossing the sky on a warm breeze.

I sat on the swing beneath the still-dormant wisteria vines,
and watched the clouds float by,

while two lonely turkey boys gobbled a mournful tune.
We lost sweet Ethel (our female turkey) yesterday.
I had suspected that she was feeling unwell, as she never left her yard the previous day.
My suspicions proved correct, sadly.
I don't know that there was anything that we could have done for her.
Thankfully, she passed peacefully.

Ethel was never very friendly towards the male turkeys...
never once did she grant a conjugal visit, as far as we could tell;
but, rather, kept the boys in line and out of trouble.

This, my friends, is the down side to caring for so many furred and feathered friends.
Eventually, we must say goodbye to them.
Goodby Ethel... you'll be missed.

We cannot dwell on loss, though,
as there is so much to be thankful for...

and so much spring beauty emerging.

Everywhere you look there are little bits of color exploding.

The world is coming back to life... and quickly!

The guineas staged a sit-in to protest being...

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Short Sleeves

Is there anything as wonderful as those first few spring days?
To feel a warm breeze as it blows across your skin
and not feel the need to cover up... is heavenly.

With the change of seasons, comes a change in the structure of each day.
Days are longer... allowing for more time outside.

We still awaken before dawn, and spend a little time reading before getting up to start the day.
As the sun rises, we make our way out to the barn and get started
on morning chores.

Everyone gets fed and watered.
The equines are turned out for some pasture time and the night's deposits of manure
is scooped.

The chickens, turkeys and ducks houses are all opened up
 and the birds emerge for a day of free-ranging.

Nightly bird droppings are scooped.

By the time the sun is in the sky, the farm has been tidied up and
all of the animals cared for.

Farm chores in the spring are my favorite.
Shedding the bulky layers of winter and working in just jeans and a shirt
is a much-anticipated pleasure.
We end up feeling 40 pounds lighter and so much freer!

The rest of the day's chores are pushed back a few hours
with the lengthening days.
More time is available for doing the extras like gardening and yard work.
It isn't until almost...

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Weekend Magic

Happiest of Mondays to you!
I hope you had a splendid weekend.
The warmth of spring has finally arrived here on the farm,
and we spent the weekend truly soaking it all in.

Each day it was warm enough to shed our jackets and feel the sun on our skin.
It was truly wonderful!

We ate our suppers outside... picnic style,
 celebrating the return of warm weather.

We only left the farm once this weekend to watch this little one
in her gymnastics class.

We had planned on also watching Tyler's soccer game, 
but, sadly, he had a stomach bug and could not play.

The rest of our weekend was spent here on the farm and it was magical.
I often talk of magic, and truly... I do believe that life is full of it.
A magical life is something I aspire to... 
and choose to experience in all that I do...
from the smallest task to the biggest celebration.

As far as I know, I only have this one life to live.
I want it to be extraordinary, and I know that only I have the power to make it so...
both in how I look at the world, 
and how I choose to spend my time.

To me, being outside in nature is what makes me happiest.
I had been thinking lately, that it would be fun to cook meals out in the woods,
at the campfire by our...

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Life Happens

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post
(that never got written)
for the following announcement.

Life took us off the farm yesterday...
but the upside of that is...
we got to spend the day with our three favorite little ones!!

No matter what, our kids and grandkids take priority.
When they need us, we drop everything else.
We'll be back on Monday with farm tales from our weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by...
your visits mean a lot to us.
We thank you for your always-generous comments.
Have a great weekend!

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Never Alone

The past five days have been relatively quiet here on the farm - 
as Hubbs was away on a "boys" trip... 
golfing down south where the weather is warmer.

Although I was the only human left here on the farm,
I was never alone!

There are always plenty of souls here to keep me company...

and several of them are quite obliging!

There has been a hint of spring in the air lately,
and although our mornings are quite chilly...
it warms up by afternoon.

The trees are full of buds.
And tiny wildflowers are popping up in the garden.

It was finally warm enough to work in the garden on Saturday.

As I pulled the leftover remains of last summer from the soil,
I had plenty of company.

See what I mean?

Never alone!

"What?... you're done already?"

Sunday afternoon I spent a bit of time with the pigs.

It was time to trim their hooves and I knew that if I just stayed in their yard
with them for a while,
eventually they would roll over for a belly rub...
which happens to be the best time to trim hooves.

These gals never mind me fussing over them.

I clean the "gunk" from their eyes,
pick the sticky food residue out of the hairs on the sides of their mouths,
and just generally give them a good going-over...
sort of like chimps...

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Rainy Season Begins

I awakened very early yesterday morning.
Done sleeping, I decided to greet the day very-pre-sunrise.
Lots of rain was in the forecast and it was due to arrive at daybreak.

I was determined to finish chores before the rain began.

We have an outdoor spot light at the barn, so by the light of the spot,
I looked for glistening piles of manure...
deposits from the previous night.

I have forever held the opinion that "more comes out than goes in!"
If there's one thing that we excel at... it's manure production!

And so with chores finished,
I arrived back at the house just after sunrise.

The rain arrived slightly behind schedule, but made up for it
the rest of the day.
It poured most of the day.

Can you tell?

I spent part of the morning staying with these two while their Mommy
went to an appointment.

This little guy's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.

I spent the afternoon in the sewing room,
and the evening finishing up another Icelandic sweater.

(I still have to take photos of the sewing... waiting for some sunshine to light up the house.)
I am finishing up all indoor activities so that as soon as sunny weather
arrives, I can focus my attention out of doors.

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Did you see it?
Did you hear it?
Maybe, feel it?

It came without fanfare... no trumpets heralding its arrival.
And yet, there it was... a subtle rumbling in our souls.
That moment when light equals dark, day begins to stretch, night to retreat.

She slipped in, ever so quietly...
whispering her greeting to the tiniest of bud, roots, and blades.
A subtle vibration across the land, as sleepy souls lift their heads and say,
"Oh, hello, I remember you.  Yes, I remember."

If you are reading this, then congratulate yourself.
You survived yet another winter.
Perhaps you immersed yourself in all things cold and icy,
perhaps you hibernated beneath wooly sweaters and blankets or beside a fire.

Either way... you've paid your dues and now you will be rewarded.

Soon, very soon, the earth will shed it's dull winter vestments and exchange them
for the colorful wardrobe that's neatly tucked away in her trunk...
just waiting to be unpacked.

"Welcome!  Welcome!... you are a most-welcomed guest,"  we cry
as she knocks on our door.
"Unpack your trunks, please and consider staying a while.
Don't be in a hurry to rush off, in deference to Summer.
Your big sister, Summer can wait.
We long to catch up with you... to commune...

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In Contrast

While the black barn kitties might be a little hesitant to face the great outdoors,
the runner ducks are the opposite.

As soon as their door opens in the morning,
at sun-up,
they are out the gate and off to do some very important work.
They have a tight schedule and many miles to cover in a day's time.

And boy, do they cover the miles!

By the time we finished chores, they had already run down to the old log cabin
to bathe in the spring water that runs from its cellar.

This water runs beneath the driveway and down to the pond,

making a little stream as it goes on its way...

the perfect place for a morning bath.

If you look back up towards the barn, across the front pasture,
you will see that the duck yard,
which is situated on the other side of the barn,
is quite a hike.

Before they day is over, they will have run over just about every foot of open ground
on this entire farm.
All of this is done at a running pace.
They have much to do, those ducks!!

Yesterday morning, the sun rose into a crystal clear blue sky...

heralding a magnificent day...

the perfect day to make electricity!!!!

Morning chores were done to the nest-building song of the robins.
Just in the past week we have started to hear the...

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So Anticlimactic

Some of you have voiced your eagerness to see the adventures that our
three new barn kitties 
(new in November when they came to us as tiny feral kittens)
would have when they were allowed out into the world.

They have had free access to the world for several days now,
and if they are having adventures,
it's news to me.
Every time I stop by the barn to check on these three,
they are either lounging under the heat lamp over their bed...
or one is in the rafters.

They only time they venture out of their stall,
as far as I can tell,
is when Sammie comes to visit.

They seem completely uninterested in what lies beyond their
now-open door.

They are the most boring kitties ever!
I am hoping that once warmer weather is here to stay,
they might be more inclined to venture outside.
If they don't, it looks like our mouse population is safe!

We are enjoying a stretch of dry weather... still cold, but dry.
The snow is completely gone (after what seems like months with snow on the ground)
and I am loving not having to trudge through ice and snow.

The birds are enjoying the lack of snow and ice...
making navigation so much easier.

The guineas have begun their garden work.

The chickens are back to taking dust baths...

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Weekend Happenings

It was a glorious weekend here on the farm.

Friday's temperatures reached 70 degrees and I was in heaven.
I worked in the yard, cleaning up debris from winter...
and began the big chore of pruning grape vines and other vining plants
on the garden fence.

The snow has finally melted, and if we have a week without rain -
as is predicted-
much of our mud should begin to dry.

It was, of course, St. Patty's Day on Sunday.

We can't have a holiday without a farm party,

and everyone got involved.
Chester was a little woozy from too much green beer!

Of course, the snacks were green as well!

And though the temperatures on Sunday never got much above 40,
we seized the day and took the dogs and the four-legged Littles for a hike.

Over to the Hundred Acre Woods we walked...
with Red trying as hard as he could to get a nibble of the grass beneath him.
At one point he just put on his brakes and refused to go, so Hubbs took charge of him.

We hiked back to the tent in the woods,

where we let the Littles take a rest and do a little grazing.

This was my view...

I love this field, our Field of Dreams, in the middle of the woods.
It's so peaceful here and a great place for spotting wildlife.

This was also Freedom weekend...

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What To Do With a Broken-Down Tractor

And here it is... another Friday.
How is it that a week can pass by so quickly?

Perhaps I fill my days with too much activity.
Perhaps if I sat and did nothing, time would slow down.

Well, I can't see that happening...so hello, Friday... again!
We have a slow weekend planned... peaceful time at the farm... a hike through the woods, some
knitting and sewing... perfect!

It's been a while since you've seen Daisy, Dr. Becky's Aussie Shepherd.
Yesterday, Daisy came to visit at the barn while we were doing chores.
The four dogs ran and wrestled.
Apparently, there was nothing left to do but play dead.

Daisy is a therapy dog and makes regular trips to visit residents in a local nursing home.
I am sure she brightens the day of anyone with whom she comes in contact.
She's a very happy dog!

For a while now, I have wanted to take some photos of something unique
and show you.
Here goes...

At least three years ago, this tractor ended up on the side of the road,
about 2 miles away from us,
broken down.

And there it sat.
And sat. 
And sat.

And then, during a storm, a tree fell on the front of the tractor.
And it continued to sit there.

Almost every time we pass by it, I remark that it is still there...

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Tonight and Every Night

Every evening, as the sun sets - taking it's light to the other side of the earth,
and leaving us bathed in blue,
I head to the barn for one last visit with the animals.
And yes, I always have a copilot... just not always the same one!

The chores I do at bedtime are much like the ones done in the morning.
Waterers are checked and filled if needed.
Meals are distributed.
I pick up any manure left from the afternoon.

The ducks are ushered back into the safety of their house.

(An errant egg is rescued from the mud.)

I visit with the kitties and make sure their food and water is full.
I count them... one, two, three... all are accounted for.

Ditto with the pigs.

The sheep and goats are all at their hay feeders, water buckets full for the night.

Before returning to the house, I close up the henhouses...

where everyone is snuggled in for the night.

The turkeys are roosting as well, and their door is closed for safekeeping.

It's a peaceful routine done in silence.
No more rooster crows.
No braying donkeys, or bleating sheep or goats.
Everyone is ready for the night.

To me, the day is now complete.
All is well, and I breathe a sigh of contentment.
It's the same every night, and yet it never grows old.
I love...

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Garden Time

To me, there's nothing better than the feeling of the sun on my face,
as I work the soft, moist soil with my fingers.
A pair of bluebirds sits on top of the garden fence, singing to each other.
The air is cool, but the sun warms my body through my sweater.

Yesterday afternoon truly felt like spring!

After months of rest, the soil is thawed and coming to life.
I finished all of the clean-up chores... readying the raised beds for planting.
I weeded and cleaned up the asparagus bed.
It won't be long before tender shoots of delicious asparagus begin to push up 
from the rich, dark soil.

Don't be fooled by what looks like boxes full of dirt.
There's so much activity beneath the surface...
worms wriggling, weeds coming to life, insects crawling - 
and then there are billions of microscopic organisms coming back to life.
It's nothing short of miraculous... what happens in the soil.

After clean-up, I planted organic sugar peas, scallions, yellow onions, radishes and beets.
As the weeks pass, more and more seeds and seedlings will go into the ground.
Oh, how I long for meals picked fresh from the garden!

After an afternoon spent in the garden, I headed back to the house for dinner...
stopping by the pig...

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The Persistence Of A Cat

I am not one to give up easily...
not without a fight (so to speak- I'm really not a fighter.)
Remember this?

Yes, I had this great idea that I would seasonally decorate the
dining room table pig trough with things that I could harvest from outside on the farm.
So, once the Christmas greens were gone, I filled the trough
with hydrangeas that remained on the bushes, now dry and crunchy.

Apparently, dry and crunchy hydrangeas were just what Ivy was craving,
 because each day (at least three times each day) she would remove the 
dry blossoms and crunch them into a pile of dust.

I would then clean up the dust and rearrange the blossoms.
Over. And. Over. And. Over.

Ivy was unrelenting.
I persevered.
I could no longer take it.
I caved.

I tossed what was left of the hydrangeas into the woods,
and filled the trough with artificial greens and carrots and bunny.

And now, Ivy has no interest in redecorating.
If she had been a dog, a sharp "no" would have put an end to the mischief.
But, alas.... cat.
If you have ever had a cat, you understand.
Independent.  Focussed.  Tenacious.  

"I may look sweet, but if I were just a little bit bigger, I might consider eating you!"

Oh, and did I mention...

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What A Difference A Day Makes

With hopeful anticipation, we headed out for the barn yesterday morning
as the sun was rising.

I was hoping that I would find sweet Daphne in much better shape than the previous day,
when she could hardly bear to put any weight on her front left hoof.

Thankfully, she was walking around without a limp.
It's amazing how quickly equines get relief from an abscess 
once it is opened and allowed to drain.
I breathed a huge sigh of relief... hating to see any of my animals in distress.

I checked on her again in the afternoon and once again she was doing great!
As you can see, though, her sister, Chloe had some snowflakes on her face.
Yes, it snowed yesterday!
 (no accumulation... just enough to let us know that winter has not yet moved on)
I am hoping it is what we Pennsylvania Dutch like to call the onion snow...
ie, time to plant your spring onions.

It is time to get some things into the ground,
although I must confess, I have no desire to work in the garden when it is 
cold enough to snow... and especially when it is snowing!

Soon, though.... very soon it will warm up and then there will be no stopping me.
Dirt beneath my fingernails will be my most frequently worn accessory....
soon to be followed...

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Five Minutes

We have had a long day and night of crazy wind!
It howls in the tree tops, sending limbs crashing to the ground...
and causing power outages.
We were without power for a portion of yesterday afternoon.
The sun shone brightly, making for the perfect day to harvest solar power...
except for the fact that the power was out and we were switched to our generator.
The solar doesn't work when the power goes out 
(as we are not on a battery system, but rather feeding our excess back into the grid.)
Still... it is so exciting to have a sunny day and know that we can generate our own

I thought perhaps you might want to come along on this windy afternoon,
to check in on our farm friends.

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Our Hiatus Is Over

Hello and Happy Monday!!

We are once again back in the business of blogging daily life here at the farm.
My computer is home from the hospital.
It did not have a virus (viruses are a very rare happening in an Apple iMac.)
But, rather, it did have a hardware issue... something had happened to the logic board
(I have no idea what that is... but it is part of the main board inside the computer.)
I am happy to say that after telephoning Apple Customer Service, 
they agreed to replace the hardware and pay the repair bill.
The computer was out of it's warranty period (one year) and would have been my 
financial responsibility.
However, I phoned Apple Support and discussed the fact that I have been a long
standing Apple customer and that I have never felt the need for extended
warranties because Apple products have never let me down.
I asked them if they would be willing to stand behind this product as it was
only a couple of months beyond its warranty.
And they were kind enough to agree to that.
Big WIN!!
Thank you Apple!!

We had quite a bit of winter weather during the past week.
A winter storm brought us another 4 or 5 inches of snow,
followed by a night of freezing rain - 
resulting in the earth...

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Quick Update

Hello friends!
I miss our chats.... so I thought I would give you this update.
My computer is in the electronics hospital...
It is out of ICU and should be discharged Friday...
Geez, I sure hope so!
My poor phone has gotten a workout this week... 
as has my right index finger.

A snow/ice storm has helped to give me a very productive week
of knitting, sewing, and baking.

I hope you were able to see some of the photos that I posted on Instagram this week.
We’ve enjoyed a bit of nature’s magic and I was able to catch it on photos.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to return onMonday with 
daily stories from the farm.
See you real soon!!

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Temporarily Throwing In The Towel

I am taking a brief hiatus from blogging,
 While my computer woes get sorted out.
 In the meantime, 
I will keep posting photos and updates on life on the farm 
over on Instagram...

 I miss our visits, 
But blogging with one finger on a tiny screen is difficult at best.

 In the meantime, come and visit us on Instagram...
It’s built for posting by phone.

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Still Blogging By Phone

Our three black rescue kitties are growing by leaps and bounds.
They have become quite capable...
Able to scale the walls of the stall to sit on the edge...
they “mew, mew, mew” to let us know how they long for their freedom.
Dr. Becky looked at them the other day and felt they were still too young
to neuter, so it looks like they will have to remain in captivity
just a bit longer.
They spent their days playing kitten games
 (in their rather large stall), 
climbing the walls, and napping beneath their heat lamps.
Despite what they would have us think,
they really don’t have it bad at all.

Brown Sammie met the kittens face to face the other day.
As soon as I have my computer back,
That I can edit and upload video..I will share that with you.

I spent a portion of the weekend with these two little ones.
What fun we had!
Mack is a regular little farm girl... eager to help out with chores.
Easton spends his time saying “Ma’am! (that is how he says Grammie at the present)
Go-go!” ( his word for the gator)
He’d spend every minute in the gator if he could.

I am hoping to get my computer back sometime this week.
Then I will work on a proper blog post.
Btw... Hubbs made it home safely from his Florida road...

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Checking In

Blogging on my phone means typing via the hunt and peck method...
Not easy when one is feeling chatty.
Also I cannot get the phone to stop capitalizing the first word of each line.
Poetry, it thinks.
(Ooh....just figured it out.)

Hubbs is still in sunny Florida hanging out with elder relatives
and playing a lot of Yahtzee!

I’m staying on top of farm chores and trying to finish my vine sweater.
Yesterday I spied my first bluebird.
That prompted me to get out and clean out all of the (many) bluebird houses
here on the farm.

I love seeing what the birds use to make their nests.
Sometimes they use moss or leaves or twigs,

and sometimes they use chicken and Guinea feathers.

It’s not unusual to see a couple of the bird houses taken over by mice.
You can tell as soon as you open the side door and see the empty nut shells.

When I dropped the contents of this house onto the snow, a little mouse ran away. 
He stopped about 3 feet from me and looked back at me as if to scold me
for having destroyed his home.
 I felt so bad, but when it comes to the farm pecking order… 
I’m afraid mice are on the bottom of the list.

 Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day,
I decided to give my fur friends some special treats.


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Happy Valentines Day

From all of us to YOU...
Happy Valentines Day!

I am still computerless.
Apple Engineering determined that I have some corrupt hardware,
So now the computer must go for repairs.

I am blogging from my phone... 
not the easiest...
But do-able.

Donkey kisses and piggy hugs from your friends on the farm!

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Has Spring Arrived?

I may just have stumbled upon the secret to ushering in Spring.

It seems that all one need do is update one's mantle decor to something spring-like... 

and voila!

The mercury rose to 55 degrees yesterday...
an almost miraculous occurrence after this long, cold, snowy, extended winter.

In the blink of an eye, the snow began to melt and the daffodils emerged from 
their slumber. 
They broke through the soggy earth and headed toward the sun 
right in front of my eyes, I swear!

As you can see, rivers of "meltage" run everywhere.
I don't believe it will be dry around here for quite a long time.

The front pasture was in need of a clean-up,
and once again I headed out on foot, lugging the manure cart behind me.
What a relief it will be when the pastures are once again navigable by gator.

Still, to be outside with only a light jacket on was heavenly.

The horses had spent the day in the front pasture, and by late afternoon
they were in need of naps.

Sadly, there's not a dry spot for napping - which doesn't seem to bother them...
they simply lie down in the mud.

It's a tough time of year to keep anyone looking polished.

We have a bit of a rooster situation brewing.
We've only two remaining...

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