“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Underground dog fence pros and cons

How can electric dog fences do the job? And exactly what are their advantages and disadvantages?
There are two parts of underground dog fence columbus ohio:
A cable That's buried across the perimeter of the "fenced in" place
A pet-collar using a radio
The underground cable transmits a signal Which Makes the pet-collar beep if The pet comes too near the electrical dog fence perimeter. A mild electrical shock will also be implemented; the jolt isn't regarded as violent enough to damage your pet. Among those better-known businesses in this industry states that specialist coaching sessions are a part of the setup procedure, describing that, in "the coaching procedure, your Professional Pet Trainer will present the personalized stationary correction to your furry friend that strengthens the bounds of your house and informs your pet obviously at which they can and cannot go." The identical source states, regarding cost, the price depends not just on the amount of these quests, but also on how big your lawn, what gear you would like to purchase, and "the number of pets are going to be on the machine" (yes, you can comprise numerous pets in precisely the exact same time with those systems).
Incidentally, though these pet containment systems originally made a name for themselves mainly among pet owners, systems can also be available for cats.
Aesthetics: Using electric dog fences, you aren't made to erect a type of fencing which, while successful for keeping pets in your home, might not match your landscape design very nicely.
For the exact same reason, you do not need to be concerned about the maintenance generally related to bodily fences, for example needing to clean weeds from them with a Weed Eater.
Pet Fencing frequently doubles as security to a level, maintaining Your lawn. Tall chain-link fencing, for Example, will do this double role. out intruders.
Enough to maintain Rover from multiplying in the event the incentive to split loose is Good enough (since it can be if a locality cat is seen running by).
When Pets do blow off the jolt and cross the outside of the fencing, there's A disincentive (in the shape of the shock) to allow them to return home. So The end outcome could be the reverse of everything you need: a missing dog.

How to train your dog?

Are you prepared to begin training your puppy or dog? Good training and Socialization are one of your ​dog's basic requirements. It is important to begin training your dog when possible. But how can you begin?
In the Beginning, dog training may seem quite overwhelming, particularly if that is your Initial dog. The fact remains that training your puppy is a really major job. But should you take it step by step, you'll see the job to be much less daunting.
Teach Your Dog Utilizing Games: Coaching your dog Ought to Be fun! Everybody knows it is a lot easier to learn when you're having a fantastic time, therefore try implementing a few games into your puppy training regimen.
Six Weeks to some Well-Trained Dog: Applying this program as a guide, it is possible to teach your dog the basics in about fourteen days.
Look at getting Assistance from a puppy trainer. Try out group courses and/or personal classes.
You're almost ready to Start the training procedure, However, you may discover that specific tools can assist you on the way. Find out about the main dog training equipment before you begin buying. Luckily, there aren't a great deal of equipment necessary for great training. Particular dog training publications can be a terrific assistance. You will also have to choose if you would like to seek out the support of a professional dog trainer.
House Coaching and Crate Training
Unless you Intend to keep your puppy outside--and a few People do As it is not recommended--you will want to instruct your puppy where to remove. Consequently, home training (also referred to as housebreaking or potty training) is among the very first things you want to work on together with your dog. Including home training in addition to several different regions of training.
Are you prepared to begin training your puppy or dog? Good training and Socialization are one of your ​dog's basic requirements. It is important to begin training your dog when possible. But how can you begin?
In the Beginning, dog training may seem quite overwhelming, particularly if that is your Initial dog. The fact remains that training your puppy is a really major job. But should you take it step by step, you'll see the job to be much less daunting.
Teach Your Dog Utilizing Games: Coaching your dog Ought to Be fun! Everybody knows it is a lot easier to learn when you're having a fantastic time, therefore try implementing a few games into your puppy training regimen.
Six Weeks to some Well-Trained Dog: Applying this program as a guide, it is possible to teach your dog the basics in about fourteen days.
Look at getting Assistance from a puppy trainer. Try out group courses and/or personal classes.
You're almost ready to Start the training procedure, However, you may discover that specific tools can assist you on the way. Find out about the main dog training equipment before you begin buying. Luckily, there aren't a great deal of equipment necessary for great training. Particular dog training publications can be a terrific assistance. You will also have to choose if you would like to seek out the support of a professional dog trainer pittsburgh.
House Coaching and Crate Training
Unless you Intend to keep your puppy outside--and a few People do As it is not recommended-you will want to instruct your puppy where to remove. Consequently, home training (also referred to as jelqing or potty training) is just one Of the primary things that you want to work on along with your puppy. Crate training may be a Very beneficial portion of the training procedure. Including home training Too As many different regions of training.

Cleaning after Your Pet

Much we might love our animals however, cleaning up after them may become a nightmare in the event that you don’t understand how to take action properly. From rogue canine tresses to cats marking their territory, being truly a pet owner could be hard work. Pet waste materials that hasn’t been recently cleaned up may also turn into a potential health danger for your animal as well as your family. Here are tips from cleaning company medway ma that will help you to make cleaning after your pet more effective.
 Clearing up Pet Hair
If you own a dog or cat, shedding hair can be an inevitable reality. This problem can be as bad if your dog includes a long coat twice. Brushing your animal will lessen shedding regularly, and can protect your cat from hairballs. But with the most rigorous grooming routine even, your property is still more likely to have tresses scattered around it every once in awhile.
 Hair on Furniture
Because animal hair is holds and static a power charge, with the ability to stick to every surfaces. While just a little dog tresses never hurt anyone, getting your preferred chair covered inside it is not the easiest method to entertain guests.  Among the best answers to this tricky problem is really a portable vacuum cleaner. These devices imply that you can tidy up hair without needing to drag around an enormous vacuum quickly.
If you need to remove pet tresses from wooden furniture, utilizing a soft cotton fabric with some furnishings polish shall take away the static so the hair won’t re-stick, rendering it a breeze to completely clean away
 Hair on Floors and Carpets
Pet hair may become a nightmare when it starts accumulating on your own carpets and floors. It’s not merely ugly, but may also hold allergens and dirt that can be dangerous to your family. When vacuuming up after your dog, you’ll discover that often regular vacuums aren't that effective since they don’t have sufficient lift. Look for a vacuum that's specially designed to grab hair either by way of a brush roll or beater brush. It’s also vital that you use one that includes a filter to capture all the dust mites, pet and pollen dander.

Clean-House Strategies for Pet Owners

Staying in Touch with a New Dog
They are so cute -- and therefore cluttered. Prevent the frustrations of a brand new pooch together with Prevention hints proposed by Maid Service Columbia and also our advice to canine-proofing your own residence.
Certainly One of the most recurring problems Pet-owners confront is creature hair -- on Set an old towel or sheet where your puppy enjoys to break, and periodically shake it out to get rid of the majority of the hair before pitching it in the washer. Grooming your puppy regularly can help reduce the issue of hair that is unrulyloss.
To eliminate dog hair on carpets, vacuum several times a week with complete suction. Decide on a vacuum having a highefficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.) On timber and other hard floors, use a spray cleaner; they truly are more efficient compared to vacuums as they don't really blow off the hair around.
For clothing, your very best choice is to make use of a roller coaster. Loop a ribbon throughout The manage and hang one from the door knob inside cupboards through your house so that they're always readily available to utilize. For furniture, utilize the vacuum upholstery tool or perhaps a hand vacuum using a retractable beater-bar attachment. Lint brushes intended for dry and clothing sponges (sold in pet-supply stores) also function well.
Maintain a towel and a shallow container stuffed forty of this manner with Room Temperature water from your doorway before walking outside the doorway. Once the walk has ended, dip all your pet's head into the ground. Dry off them and let your pet start your own business. This clinic is particularly helpful during the winter time when sidewalks and drives are usually covered with ice-melting representatives.
Work Instantly on Stains
The more quickly you're able to arrive at a pet blot, the higher. Canine urine left on Take out any solid residue using a dull knife. After consuming up to Moisture as you can, employ an alternative of 1/4 teaspoon clear dishwashing liquid Mixed with a single cup tepid water; blot with yet another wash, dry towel. Rinse by Continue alternating using a Scrub towel and a clean, damp towel before stain is still gone.

Pet store shelving ideas

The dog times of summer are upon us nearly. While kids might be rejoicing, many retailers are usually lamenting the anticipated lag running a business as individuals pack their head and bags for much flung, warm-weather destinations. Meanwhile, merchants which have been situated in vacation destinations are usually prepping for an onslaught of new business. Either way, now could be prime time for merchants to strategy the most efficient merchandising strategies for warming up summer sales.
Some stores would want to concentrate on highlighting cutesy novelty and toys items which will interest tourists. Others may choose to concentrate on special promotions that provide local pet owners justification to get out from the pool and enter into town to shop.
Listed below are top five ideas for creating inexpensive and effective pet store shelving to improve summer sales:
Use Mobile Display Models for Specialty Merchandise
Mobile displays are ideal in pet shops for most reasons. They allow merchants to highlight or showcase any fresh merchandise in or about the checkout area which are perfect to improve impulse sales. The wonder of a cellular shelving device is having the opportunity to constantly change the positioning of a screen without disrupting the complete store.
Retailers can use a wide variety of shelving features also. For example, retailers can truly add glass shelves that may give even discount dog stores a boutique sense, without spending a complete lot on store fixtures.
Displays for Live Animals
In the summertime season, when school is closed, live animal displays are a smart way to attract families with children, who'll want to start to see the animals close up for themselves. Independent dog retailers which have entertaining live pet displays may draw family members away from big retail chains as it pertains period to restock on the pet food supplies.  
And such displays need not break the bank.
Make Great Usage of Endcaps
Endcaps are valuable real estate in virtually any store extremely. They are an excellent way to raise the amount of retail area with gondola shelving works. Most retailers believe probably the most expensive products should be presented on endcaps. That's not 100 percent accurate; probably the most profitable products must be featured on endcaps.
Using signage can be an excellent method to seize the customers’ interest, and making proper usage of your store's finish units is key to your pet business.
Add Shelf Addresses to Differentiate Store Sections
Up-date any pet shelving along with transforming shelf addresses. Handy Shop Fixtures Shelf Addresses, which fit over regular shelving units, are ideal for touching up aged, scratched or rusted shelves. Of painting over a vintage damaged shelf instead, retailers can just very easily place these shelf addresses along with existing shelves, making them look completely new.
They are ideal for adding color to a specific retail sections also. For example, use glowing blue for the fish region, crimson for cats, and yellow for canine section. You may also use shelf addresses to highlight your endcaps to pull the eye of customers. To go on it a step additional, you can replace aged pegboard with the coordinating Shelf Cover color to essentially improve the display fixture.

Some facts about clinical laboratory consulting

The practice of clinical laboratory consulting is undergoing rapid change, both leading and also reflecting changes inside our healthcare system. These modifications are driven by fresh technologies that allow molecular and genomic screening now, electronic data integration and collection; evidence-based and personalized medicine, and the vertical and horizontal integration of most ongoing health care. The laboratory will be in the heart of these massive modifications, with medical laboratory test outcomes a key element in 70% or even more of most medical decisions.
The transformation of the clinical laboratory from the passive service role to a dynamic role in patient diagnosis and administration, has encouraged nonphysician laboratory professionals to get involved beyond the bench. Their growing role in what offers historically been named the practice of medication has generated a conundrum: are nonphysician professionals really qualified to recommend clinicians, interpret tests in medical contexts, and/or suggest testing for specific individuals?
The question has been raised concerning whether laboratory medication as practiced today requires, on a routine basis, direct pathologist involvement in the choice and interpretation of test outcomes built-into specific clinical contexts.
Studies show the clinical and economic worth of properly trained laboratory experts that are truly expert inside assisting attending doctors with test choice and interpretation. Having less clinical involvement is connected with significant consequences: 15% - 54% of primary treatment medical errors are linked to the testing procedure; 17% of healthcare investing in the U.S. is because of test over-utilization; and almost a third of overall healthcare spending could be because of potentially avoidable clinical treatment.
Is consultation supplied by medically-trained laboratory experts, including pathologists, along with other physicians with laboratory coaching, more closely connected with enhanced clinical outcomes than consultation supplied by non-medical laboratory experts? In a recently available study, researchers figured non-medical scientists also have successfully undertaken leadership functions within laboratory medicine, like the directorships, therefore precluding the absolute dependence on a medical level in fulfilling the majority of the laboratory professional’s responsibilities.
However, it really is acknowledged that high quality laboratory service is not about providing accurate just, useful and timely info to the attending doctors; it must be offered within the context of this patient’s conditions. As a total result, in many situations, without medical training and encounter in the treatment of patients, nonphysician clinical laboratory professionals usually don't have the contextual history to totally and optimally aid the clinician.
It really is in this atmosphere of interacting forces and passions, that the laboratory and its own professional staff must redefine their functions, including who provides what forms of consultation to attending doctors.

Child Custody Types

child_custodyLearn the distinction between legal custody, bodily custody, single custody and joint custody.
Physical Custody
Physical child custody implies that a parent gets the right to have a young child live with her or him. Some says will award joint bodily custody once the child spends quite a lot of period with both parents. Joint physical custody is most effective if parents live near each other fairly, as it lessens the strain on children and enables them to keep up a somewhat regular routine.
Where in fact the child lives with one parent and contains visitation with another primarily, usually the parent with whom the kid mainly lives (known as the "custodial" parent) could have sole or primary physical custody, and another parent (the non-custodial parent) will have the proper to visitation or parenting time along with his or her child.
Legal Custody
Lawful custody of a kid means having the correct and the obligation to create decisions in regards to a child's upbringing. A mother or father with legal custody could make decisions concerning the child's schooling, spiritual upbringing and health care, for example. In lots of states, courts award joint legal custody regularly, which means that both parents do share your choice making.
If you talk about joint lawful custody with another parent and you also exclude her or him from the decision-making procedure, your ex can get you back again to court and have the judge to enforce the custody agreement. You will not get fined or head to jail, but it is going to be embarrassing and trigger more friction between your couple -- which might harm the children. Also, if you are represented by a lawyer, it's certain to be expensive.
If you were to think the conditions between you as well as your child's other mother or father make it impossible to talk about joint legal custody (another parent won't talk to you about important issues or is abusive), it is possible to go to courtroom and have for sole lawful custody. But, in lots of states, joint lawful custody is recommended, so you will need to convince a family group court judge that it's not in the very best interests of one's child.
Sole Custody
One parent might have either sole lawful custody or single physical custody of a kid. Courts usually won't hesitate to award single physical custody to 1 parent if another parent is regarded as unfit -- for instance, due to drug or alcohol dependency or costs of kid abuse or neglect.
However, in most says, courts are leaving awarding sole custody to 1 mother or father and toward enlarging the part both parents play within their children's lives. Even where courts do award sole bodily custody, the parties often nevertheless share joint lawful custody, and the non-custodial mother or father enjoys a generous visitation routine. In these circumstances, the mother and father would make joint choices concerning the child's upbringing, but one mother or father would be deemed the principal physical caretaker, as the other parent could have visitation rights under a parenting schedule or agreement.
It's understandable that there could be animosity in between you as well as your soon-to-be ex-partner. But it's best never to seek single custody unless another parent truly causes immediate injury to the children. Then even, courts may still permit the other mother or father supervised visitation.
Joint Custody
Parents who else don't live together have got joint custody (also known as shared custody) if they talk about the decision-making obligations for, and/or even physical custody and handle of, their kids. Joint custody can be found if the mother and father are divorced, divided, or no more cohabiting, or even should they never together lived. Joint custody could be:
· joint legal custody
· joint physical custody (where in fact the children spend a substantial part of time with each mother or father), or
· joint lawful and physical custody.

Your perfect garden: mulch landscaping

mulchIf you would like great curb appeal, a refined turn to your landscaping, and dollar for dollar increased worth for the home, then you’re likely to like these mulch landscaping suggestions to give a polished contact to your trees, shrubs, and beds. While mulching is essential because of its aesthetic appeal, it is a necessity for the ongoing health of your plantings, as well.
Various kinds of Mulch
Mulch could be either organic, as in the full case of shredded solid wood with compost, or inorganic, while in a variety of decorative stones. While inorganic choices will longer last, there's some maintenance to take into account still. Weed seeds shall blow and discover their method into any surface, so some weeding, either yourself or with Roundup chemically, is necessary. Every couple of years, the top ought to be restored with a lighting layer to pay for the settling and sinking occurring as time passes. Inorganic materials ought to be pass on at a depth of 2 - 4 inches.
Organic best mulch needs to often be replenished more, either each full year, or almost every other year. The organic parts breakdown, which enriches the soil for nutrition. A preexisting mulch bed ought to be top-dressed with 2 - 3 ins of mulch. A fresh bed ought to be established with 4 - 6 inches. Make sure to leave area at the bottom of vegetation, you don’t desire to bury them. In case you are laying Playground Chips for a recreational region, 6 inches may be the recommended depth, since it is to become a cushion for falls.
Form Follows Function
Consider the design that you will be landscaping. A formal design dwelling would reap the benefits of a formal landscape strategy, which may include symmetry. Think about sheared low-developing hedges, such as for example boxwoods, or holly. Include defined designs, such as for example shaped evergreens.  Geometric designs prevail in this design. A  Casual, or Modern, abode would look greatest with informal plantings which are asymmetrical. Pruned junipers or forsythia would achieve a natural look lightly, aiming for a nice variety of texture. Curved edges and walkways will be the norm because of this style.  Some landscape programs can achieve a distinctive combination, with an official approach toward leading yard, then tapering to more natural ranges on the borders, sides, and back of the house. Some home owners adopt a concept, like a Japanese water backyard, or a Rock backyard planted with succulents.

Home Secrets: Natural Cleaning Solutions

clean_houseMost store-purchased cleaners contain chemicals that may cause not eye and pores and skin irritations but even malignancy just, birth and asthma defects. They could be ingested by children and pets accidentally.
Thankfully, nature offers provided us with the necessary ingredients to help keep our houses spic and span without killing ourselves, wildlife or the surroundings. Just use these healthy household cleaning solutions - most which you probably curently have in the kitchen-for an all natural cleaning that's much better for your health insurance and for the air flow, soil, water, vegetation, and creatures around you.
1. Lemon
When life offers you lemons, help to make lemonade-or an ideal non-toxic household cleaner. An all natural bleaching deodorizer and real estate agent that may give your home an excellent fresh scent, natural lemon fruit juice cuts through grease, removes stains, gives hard surfaces a lovely shine and eliminates fungus even. Dilute some lemon fruit juice with water to completely clean staining on trimming boards and destroy germs. Dip a vintage toothbrush in lemon fruit juice to eliminate grout. Then add salt and you have a highly effective cleaner for metallic grills and a polisher for chrome. Soak plastic material meals containers in lemon fruit juice overnight to eliminate smells. Put diluted lemon fruit juice in a spray bottle to help keep your kitchen countertops clear and smelling great. Who requirements toxic chlorine bleach for the laundry when you're able to just add a mug of lemon fruit juice to your load for brilliant colors, whitened whites and a lemony new scent? The set of things that could be cleaned by lemons will be impressive.
2. Olive oil
Not for cooking just, olive oil is an excellent natural cleaner and polisher. Then add salt and you may scrub pans and pots. Rub it into natural leather to obtain scratches out. Then add lemon fruit juice or vinegar and there is a great natural solid wood polisher. The citric acid in lemon juice helps it be ideal for dissolving tarnish. Work with a cotton fabric to buff stainless and brass to avoid streaks and rust and obtain a brilliant shine. Work with a halved lemon dipped in salt to brighten copper cookware. Plus, it can be used by you to lubricate all your kitchen appliances, from blenders and grinders to any cookware with movable parts-or fix a squeaky door even. And before you begin your springtime gardening, spray some essential olive oil on your own garden tools to lessen dust buildup. With all of this value (not forgetting its culinary, health insurance and beauty programs), it's no question that for the historic Minoans, essential olive oil represented wealth.
3. White vinegar
The natural acidity in white vinegar helps it be an excellent natural antifungal and antibacterial. Not only is it a fantastic nontoxic degreaser, it eliminates soap scum. Placed on a white natural cotton glove and dip your fingertips in a 50/50 solution of whitened vinegar and warm water and all of a sudden cleaning Venetian window blinds and piano keys is really a breeze. Dip a natural cotton cloth in a 50/50 solution of whitened vinegar and essential olive oil to eliminate water rings from solid wood tabletops. To completely clean and brighten floor coverings, dip a drive broom in a remedy of just one 1 cup whitened vinegar and 1 gallon of water. Utilize the same treatment for clean brickwork. To eliminate tough odors like tobacco smoke, leave a plate of vinegar in the available room overnight. There are over 100 different ways you may use white vinegar throughout the house.
4. Baking soda
You probably understand that an open box of baking soda in the fridge absorbs odors. But additionally to being an efficient deodorizer wherever you would like to eliminate stinky smells, it is also a highly effective antiviral agent and surfactant that eliminates grease and grime. Utilize it as a scouring powder to completely clean countertops, sinks, tubs, bathing room floors and your outside grill. To unclog drains, pour some baking soda down the drain, and slowly pour in a few whitened vinegar until it foams. Flush with warm water and repeat before drain is clear. To keep floor coverings fresh, sprinkle on some baking vacuum cleaner and soda after 15 minutes. Maintain your combs and hairbrushes clear by soaking them in a few drinking water with a teaspoon of baking soda. And create your tile flooring sparkle with a mop . 5 mug baking soda in a bucket of tepid to warm water. You can find so many makes use of for baking soda throughout the house you'll would like to involve some handy all the time.
5. Club soda
For an effective and safe window cleaner, fill a little spray bottle with club soda and work with a soft cotton fabric (a clean T-shirt can do the trick). If you want to cut through grease, put in a little lemon fruit juice. Being an added bonus, club soda is an useful stain remover and polisher. You may also water your interior and outdoor vegetation with golf club soda once weekly: they love the nutrients in the soda, which assists them grow. To help keep your valuable gems sparkly, soak them in one glass of club soda overnight. Plus, the carbonation in golf club soda makes it a perfect rust remover. For cleansing cast-iron cookware, pour in a few club soda as the pan's nevertheless warm therefore the food contaminants don't stick. With one of these and more surprising home uses, it's obvious that golf club soda isn't only for drinking.
6. Salt
You wouldn't pour salt in a wound, but pour it in white vinegar and there is a powerful cleaner with a deodorizing impact. A remedy of salt and golf club soda will clear and deodorize the within of your fridge. For wines spills on natural cotton or linen, blot out everything you can and pour salt on the stain to suck out the others. Then soak the material in cool water before throwing it in the clean. Mix some salt into lemon juice to eliminate mildew and rust staining. To brighten coloured curtains or washable dietary fiber rugs, clean them in a saltwater solution. Work with a cloth dipped in exactly the same treatment for brighten rugs and carpets and rugs. Use it alone for a smooth but effective scouring real estate agent. With over 14,000 utilizes, salt is just about the world's most flexible mineral.

Home Secrets: Home-made Carpet Cleaning

Carpets keep their elegance if deep cleaned at least one time a year longest. This working job will be one where it will pay to create in the pros, because they have muscle, methods and machinery not available to home carpet cleaners usually.
If your allowance won't stretch to top notch services for a very reasonable rate, you can find do-it-yourself alternatives that produce a good job of home rug cleaning, so long as you carefully work, use the best equipment and observe these cautions:
Know your carpet. Make sure to understand the sort of cleaning method suggested by your carpet's manufacturers.
Adhere to steamers, not shampooers. Once you buy or lease a carpet cleaner, select a carpet steamer. Old "carpet shampoo" units make use of rotary agitators to use detergent solution and could overwet carpets. The hair shampoo film could be difficult to eliminate, causing resoiling.
Vacuum first. Water plus dust equals mud, which is extremely difficult to eliminate. Before cleaning the carpeting, vacuum completely to remove just as much loose dirt as you possibly can.
Choose the right cleaners. Stick to cleaning products designed for home carpet cleaning, and follow package instructions to combine cleaning solutions.
Pretreat. Work with a traffic-lane cleaner or pre-spray to take care of areas of higher soil before cleaning.
Keep it dried out. Over-saturated carpets and rugs aren't cleaner, wetter just. After extracting, create a second dry move over the carpeting to remove just as much dampness as possible. Keep traffic off cleaned carpeting until it really is dry freshly.
Looking after Hard-Surface Floors
Much like carpets, routine cleaning is the greatest way to keep up with the elegance of hard-surface flooring. Regular sweeping, vacuuming or dust-mopping removes abrasive dust and grit from the ground. Establishing a "shoes-off" plan and using entry mats helps prevent road soil from getting into the home and becoming tracked onto floors.
When it's time and energy to clean, thoroughly clean with a light hands. Hard-surface floors look greatest when clear and clean, but detergent make use of or cleaner buildup can make a hazy movie that dulls flooring - and attracts and keeps more dirt. Depend on these cleaning ideas to keep hard-surface flooring looking clean and gorgeous:
Linoleum and vinyl Floors
To look after linoleum and vinyl, sweep, vacuum cleaner, or dust-mop every day to eliminate surface grit. Damp-mop with pure water to remove dust and restore shine. For more heavily soiled flooring, vacuum first, after that wet-mop floors utilizing a very light answer around 1-2 teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent per gallon of tepid to warm water. Rinse the ground with clean drinking water before drying it with whitened cleaning cloths.
If you can find depressions in the ground, work with a scrubbing pad to loosen any soil in these certain areas as you clean, then wash with fresh pure water.
Hardwood Floors
These floors are vunerable to abrasion, are often dented and may be broken by moisture or incorrect cleansing methods. Remove dirt and surface area soil from hardwoods every day, preferably with a large-headed microfiber dirt mop. Alternately, hardwood floors could be vacuumed but make sure to change the beater pubs off in order to avoid scratching the ground. When required, damp-mop with plain drinking water to get dirt, using a hardly wet mop. Avoid any drips or standing up water; the mop mind or terry mop protect ought to be wrung till nearly dried out before it touches the ground. A solution of whitened vinegar and drinking water will up the cleansing ante, so check it out for stubborn dirt.
Even more intense cleaning will demand a cleaning item formulated for the floor's specific finish. Usually do not use essential oil soap on hardwood flooring; it'll develop a dirt-trapping sticky film also it can hinder recoating or refinishing flooring later on.
Ceramic Tile Floors
Keep ceramic tile flooring looking their finest with daily sweeping or even vacuuming to eliminate surface grit. If using a vacuum cleaner, arranged the beater bar to the off placement to vacuum. Every full week or so, damp-mop with a remedy of 2 tablespoons liquid dishwashing detergent to at least one 1 gallon of tepid to warm water. Use a cleansing toothbrush to scrub stained or unclean grout. Rinse with pure water. Buff the tile with a clear, dry towel to eliminate any water spots. In no way apply wax to ceramic tile flooring; it can be hard to remove, could cause slip-and-fall injuries and could hinder resealing grout.

Home Secrets: Useful Cleaning Methods

To help with making your spring cleaning much less frustrating, here are some tips from the cleaning company serving durham:
·When you do severe cleaning, it is possible to kick up lots of dust by moving things around just. Open the windows to obtain as much oxygen in the homely house as you possibly can.
·Start at the very top and work the right path down. Dirt and dirt have a tendency to settle in lower locations if they are disturbed, so save the carpets and floors for last. Vacuums like the Hoover WindTunnel II upright consist of features like a telescoping wand and extend hose with a complete 20 ft of combined cleaning grab cleaning those hard-to-reach locations at the tops of areas, such as shelves, draperies and ceiling fans. The machine really lifts and traps dust, so that it won't scatter back to the room.
·Nearly eight in 10 grownups who do annual cleansing rely on equipment for cleaning hard-to-reach locations, such as for example under and corners home appliances, or for cleansing curtains or rugs.
·Use vacuum cleaner wands and hoses to completely clean cobwebs, walls, blinds and drapes.
·Clear miniblinds by hanging them in the bath with suction cups, spraying them together with your favorite rinsing and cleaner them clean with a removable showerhead. Vacuum clear between washings with a dust-brush attachment.
·Clean windows with an assortment of 1/2 mug ammonia in a bucket of drinking water.
·Use vacuum pressure cleaner with a brush device to clean dust and lint off baseboards, and follow-up with a wet towel then.
·To look after hard surfaces, like a hardwood flooring and tile, consider a cleaner like the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub difficult floor cleaner. This 3-in-1 device is made simply for those tough work: vacuuming, cleaning and drying hard-surface floors. A remedy of Hoover FloorMate Floor-to-Floor hard ground cleaner and water is preferred on marble, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate and sealed hardwood floors along with other surfaces throughout the house.
·To tidy up spills on the carpeting, first dab up just as much of the spill as you possibly can. Next, have a damp, absorbent cloth and lay it on the spill. Finally, location several heavy books on the cloth for approximately 24 hours.
·Steam cleaning carpets and rugs is considered one of the most challenging tasks of heavy cleaning. That's where a machine like the Hoover SpinScrub SteamVac multi-surface cleaner might help, providing professional high quality deep cleansing that keeps your carpeting looking better longer. We advise that you first vacuum cleaner the carpets, and clean the carpeting with the SteamVac and Hoover Deep Cleansing carpeting/upholstery detergent for an ultra deep clean.
·Before performing any wet cleaning, ensure that you possess vacuumed your complete home, including drapes, furniture and walls.

Great things about hardwood floors cleaning

A shiny and sparkling hardwood floor will be able to bring classy elegance in virtually any available room. This is a great expense because it is lengthy lasting yet quite appealing. Any homeowner with hardwood flooring in their home will need to consider refinishing it at some true point.
Heavy traffic, dirt, animals and moving of furnishings round the room are a number of the things that may wreak havoc about the finish of one's hardwood ground. As a result, you might have to refinish it to be able to restore the natural luster and beauty of the wood.
Although they're very appealing within a glance just, a bit is required by them of maintenance. Luckily, refinishing hardwood floors isn't a big challenge, unlike what a lot of people think. You can find professional contractors always open to quickly complete the complete job, efficiently, and affordably. Here are a few of the primary benefits associated with choosing the maids new london for cleaning hardwood floor and in addition refinishing tips.
Improved Appearance
This is the biggest benefit of hiring a specialist contractor ultimately. These professionals have yrs of encounter in the flooring industry. Therefore, they know the very best answers to hardwood problems.
They know what must be done to provide your floor a better appearance. A better look of the ground will reflect on all other top features of your room and house nicely.
Affordability and Disruption
Refinishing is certainly less of a headache and cheaper than replacing the complete floor. An upgraded project will take a longer span time also, disrupting your entire day to day existence in the home. Lots of points should be moved because the entire floor region will most likely need to be done.
Professionals can refinish your complete floor in just an individual day often, which is a great deal less invasive. You wind up reducing the quantity of hassle you have to offer with, and you also save a substantial amount of money by devoid of to displace your floors.
Here are a few factors that needs to be considered while budgeting:
·The situation of the floor.
·The colour of the floor.
·Whether it’s on a new staircase or the top is flat.
·Any additional services.
Floor refinishing is really a worthwhile investment for just about any homeowner. It adds worth to the true home as a whole, and can especially attractive to prospective home purchasers whenever it really is set to become sold. It does increase the chances of the house being purchased in the true estate market.
Refinishing the hardwood ground all by yourself could be very risky, particularly if you don’t have much encounter in it. This risk may not be worth taking based on your situation. After all, in the event that you up mess it, chances are you will undoubtedly be hiring a specialist anyways as well as perhaps paying extra to repair up the mistakes.
Rebuffing the Finish
A professional can rebuff your floor end effectively. If you opt to do it on your own, you’ll need to buff it as you strip off any staying residue.
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Once your ground is refinished by way of a professional, you are certain to get many years of service as a result before having to repeat. Refinishing furthermore reduces the probability of the floor learning to be a harbor for termites or some other kind of pests.
Unless you have the proper machinery and sufficient experience, hardwood floor refinishing isn't something you need to do by yourself. Doing therefore could be messy, and time-intensive. Floor refinishing is really a process that should be done precisely, the result will never be appealing otherwise. Hiring a specialist refinisher can save you lots of time and money in the long term.

Home Cleaning for Each Season

Winter Cleaning YOUR HOME
Cozy nights simply by the fire, holiday entertaining, snowfall and rock salt all around the homely house -- winter season brings its own group of specific housecleaning challenges. This season is more about organization and preparedness than cleaning actually. Sustain your regular cleaning routine or let cleaning organization to provide you with superior maid services.
Inside, you need to change your furnace filter systems a little more in the wintertime regularly. The furnace often runs more, so - particularly if you've got a fireplace - there's more particles in the air.
Winter is a good time to clean your personal computer also, since you have significantly more downtime. Energy the pc down and unplug it. Remove the trunk panel -- it's simple and generally just a few little screws. You don't have to touch anything. Simply make use of some canned compressed air flow to blow out dirt and pet tresses from the parts. Turn your keyboard ugly right into a trash bin -- you will be surprised at just how many crumbs and points lodge within the keys. Wipe down the table and keys with a damp cloth. You can use compressed air to obtain between the keys also.
In the event that you enjoy decorating for the holiday season, make sure the homely house is clean when you begin. And at the final end of the vacation season, take the extra time and energy to dust and clean down all your decor and ornaments as you put them away. That way, next winter season, you'll focus on a clean slate. Are you experiencing an artificial Xmas tree that's obtaining a bit dingy? Put it in the tub and spray it with the shower gently! Let it dry and it'll be exactly like new completely. Of course, please avoid doing this in case you have a pre-lit tree.
If you reside in an area where you get snowed in often, you might like to come up with a little "survival package." Add a few days' well worth of energy bars, batteries and flashlights, blankets, non-perishable food it doesn't require cooking food or refrigeration, and powdered milk. Remember a can opener, utensils and a gallon of drinking water per person, each day. Don't forget meals for your pets.
Pull your cold-weather equipment out of storage space -- sleds, skis, snow scrapers and shovels. Make certain everything is in operating order and all set. Create your coats, hats, scarves and mittens handy.
Outdoors, there's less cleaning to accomplish; plan the weather instead. Put your snowfall shovels within an easy-to-reach place. Buy salt or some other de-icers so you are not caught unprepared. Search for nontoxic compounds for the security of your as well as your neighbors' pets. Make certain all your vehicles possess ice scrapers and brushes to eliminate snow. Check your wiper antifreeze and fluid levels, and keep your gas tank close to full in order to avoid freezing always.
Deposit waterproof floor mats close to every door leading outdoors to catch melting snowfall and salt. Grab some large baking linens - the type with an elevated edge - and utilize them for shoe and shoe storage. It'll keep dirt and snowfall from spreading and melting inside your home. Look for the baking linens at garage product sales or flea marketplaces for real savings.

Highlights of the Past Week

We're home!
As always... it's great to be home.
The beach vacation was everything I had hoped it would be.
We had a blast... doing just what you do at the beach... four generations of us.
A few highlights...

Our weather was dynamic... from this...

to this...

and back and forth.

The Littles and Not-so-Littles filled my heart with joy... more times than I can count.

I took hundreds of photos of everyone... but will skip all of the adult photos.

While we were gone,
the farm was well cared for by our neighbors... Anna (from down the road)
and Jim and Kathy (from across the road).
We had special house-sitters.
Danielle and her girls, Maggie and Macy enjoyed a farm vacation while we were gone
and spent the week loving our cat and dogs in our absence.
(You might remember them from previous posts... 
they gifted us with four white roosters two years ago!)

I think they may have had a really good time,
as I heard they are hoping we go away again next year.
(We just might be able to work that out!)

I know the dogs were happy to have all the attention they were given.

A few highlights from their week at the farm...

Bobby was Maggie's sidekick for most of the week.
Obviously, he didn't mind.
I think he needs his...

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A Weekend, Filled To The Brim

Do you remember the beginning of June,
when we went to the auction and brought home 7 adorable ducklings 
that we were told were Ancona ducks?

I might not have mentioned how excited I was to have a new breed of duck
join our family.

Well, those duckling have grown up into fine adults.
However, they are definitely not Ancona ducks.
I just noticed in the past week how their faces are changing,
and red, knobby skin is now growing above their bills.

Our sweet fluffy ducklings are growing into Muscovy ducks.
I have to mention here, in a very hushed and whispering voice...
that Muscovy ducks are definitely not the cutest duck in the pond.

They have faces that only a mother could love.
Thankfully, I love them all.

The good news is... our sweet little white Muscovy down at the pond,
who is never looked upon as an equal by the other pond ducks...
(I have witnessed them often looking down their bills at her!)
...is about to join a group of ducks that are just like her.

We are moving her up to the duck house at the barn to join the others.
She never joins the other ducks in the pond, but prefers to remain on land.
The duck house at the barn will be just right for this little misfit.
Here she will have lots of...

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Something to Crow About!

She did it!!!
Finally, after 28 days of sitting through all sorts of weather,
Mrs. Guinea successfully hatched out 5 new baby guinea keets.

They are the tiniest of tiny... little yellow and brown striped puff balls,
about as big as a cotton ball on long orange legs.

Apparently guineas co-parent, as there are three adults tending to these five hatchlings.
It's a tough world for little keets.
The adults don't slow down, but go running through the grass
with the little ones struggling to keep up.

This poor little one keeps getting left behind.
When Mrs. Guinea loses track of it she sounds the alarm,
and the little one runs to catch up to her.

There is no way for us to catch them and get them to a safer environment,
so we are letting it up to the guineas to keep the keets safe.
I am sure it will take a village to raise these five youngsters.
Hopefully some of them will survive.
It's a tough world out there!

We had planned, yesterday, to pick up some young geese for the pond.
A local couple, Homer and Lettie, have a rather large flock of geese
that they are trying to down-size.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful at herding the geese into a fenced-in yard.
Looks like we'll have to try that little...

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Living In Wellies

Rain is definitely a mixed blessing.
Without it, nothing grows.
With too much, however, certain things grow like crazy,
and others drown.

Right now, it feels as though the farm is located somewhere in the tropics.
Perhaps at some point in late July I went to bed
and some sort of cosmic magic happened... changing the earth's axis so that
we are now spinning around the sun somewhere near the equator.

Normally, by this time of summer, we are watering profusely,
and mowing duties have ceased.

This year it is just the opposite.

Early morning hours are the most pleasant, with the thermometer hanging right around
the seventy degree mark.
It doesn't take long for the sun to send the mercury speeding higher up that tube, however.

In spite of all the rain and torrential storms,
Mrs. Guinea remains glued to her nest...
looking more and more bedraggled by the day.
I sure hope she has some babies as a reward for her faithfulness,
at the end of all this weather torture.

And although she wasn't thrilled with it, I reached around her to pick 
these two patty pan squashes.

Much of my garden fence is now covered in vines...
trumpet vines, grape vines, and loads and loads of morning glories.

I love how morning glories...

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When It Rains, It Pours

Quite literally and figuratively this week!

Mornings, this week, have reminded me of autumn.
The sun rises through thick fog,
while a curtain of misty moistness hangs in the air above the ground.
The dew lingers until noon... the earth saturated from the rains of the previous two weeks.

I was caught quite by surprise yesterday as the mid-afternoon sky darkened
and thunder rumbled.
I was inside working on a new embroidery project and had no idea that a 
storm had moved in.
Then the rain started... and it poured and poured....
dumping 2 ½ more inches onto the already soggy ground.

The water ran in rivers through the farm,
running from high ground to low ground with nothing in between to soak it up.
The lowest point of our farm is our pond.

Needless to say, it swelled until it almost crested...
rising to almost a foot above its normal level.

Of all the animals on the farm, the ducks are happiest when it rains.

(And by the way, our five remaining young mallards are still with us,
and doing great.... seemingly adopted by the domestic flock.)

The runner ducks and Ancona ducks can be found just about anywhere these days.
Their boundaries are widening daily.

The sight of anything different sends them...

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I've got to admit, there were times on the beach as I would sit,
watching the tide ebb and flow....
that I thought to myself, "I could live like this."

There is something about the rhythmic sound of the waves as they
roll into the shore that touches something deep within me and makes me feel
as though I am home.
It's not that the beach feels like home right now, 
but rather home from a long, long time ago...
another time, another place.
Perhaps its because of all the hours spent by the sea as a child...
perhaps it was another lifetime.... who knows.

I caught myself thinking about how nice it was to wake up and have a whole day in front of me...
that I could call my own...
with no responsibilities.
No need to awaken with the sun... although I did.
No need to follow a schedule.

And then, I tried to imagine a life other than the one I lived,
and I felt a profound feeling of loss.
I tried to imagine a life without the responsibilities...
and I felt a loss of purpose.
(These are my feelings alone... with regards to my own life... no one else's...
after all, we all walk our own paths and each path is different.
It's supposed to be that way!)
Honestly, though, the thought of having to re-home all of our...

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Friday "Festive" Fotos: I saw Lily kissing Santa Paws

Lily met Santa Paws for the first time a couple of weeks ago.... 
We took her to the local animal shelter to have some pictures taken with him. 
The shelter does this every year to help raise funds for their daily operation 
and we were more than happy to help, especially if it means finding good homes 
for all the poor doggies and kitties with no families of their own. 

When she first sat down beside him, all she wanted was to smell his beard. 
"Hmmm... whatcha been eatin'?"

She couldn't seem to get comfortable for a few seconds...

Then back to smelling the beard....

She got distracted by the sound of dogs barking...

But finally her inner supermodel kicked in and we got some good ones.

And our Christmas wish is for all the animals at Young-Williams Animal Center to find 
loving homes for the holidays. 

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This Is How We Roll...

With three of us competing for the passenger seat.
It's first-come-first-served... and occasionally old Sammie beats me to the seat...
and then I ride standing up, bent over, in front of him...
when I am feeling generous.
If not, I ask him to give up his seat for a lady.
And he obliges... thankfully.

The rain continues to fall on those of us who are outside.

That would be the horses and we humans who must clean up their manure!

They never seem to mind being soaked to the bone.
Can you see how svelte everyone looks this summer?

Grazing muzzles have been the ticket to slimmer, healthier equines.
Come winter with more hay to keep them warm, they will once again put on a little weight.
For now, though, I quite like the way they are looking.
I only wish it were that easy for the donkeys.

This extra rain will assure that our soon-to-ripen blackberries
will be plump and juicy.

Of course we will also need some sunshine to ripen and sweeten them.
All things need to be in balance.

That just might be my new mantra.
Maintain balance.... in everything.

Between the raindrops, my gladiolas decided to blossom.

Gladiolas... make me glad!

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If They Can....

Then, so can we!
The most powerful force in the universe is simply...

If two animals as different as these two
can co-exist with tolerance and acceptance...
then shouldn't we humans be able to do the same?

See?  I told you that animals have much to teach us!

We had a quiet weekend on the farm...
and I got my wish.
It poured on Saturday and quenched the thirst
of our parched, hard-as-concrete ground.

Then on Sunday, we received a few more brief drizzles.
And it looks like there is more in store for us this coming week.

The pouring rain could not have been much fun for these two vigilant nest-sitters.

And has made it impossible for me to pick that patty pan squash growing right next to her.

They have been sitting for a couple of weeks now.
I don't know exactly when they began their vigil...
but hatching should occur 28 days after they began.
We'll keep you posted!

By the way, this gal is sitting on at least 35 eggs!

Wowzers... that's potentially a lot of guinea hatchlings!

The cool that has accompanied this rainy weather has been a welcomed relief
for these two gals.

I used the rainy days to do some baking.
We are heading to the beach with our family at the end of this week,
so I have...

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A Feeling

There are days when I haven't got much to say.
That may shock some of you who know me well...
but, it's true... some days are less about words and more about feelings.

Have you ever taken a selfie with a pig?
Yesterday was one of those picture perfect days...
not too hot, not too humid, slight breeze, sunniest of sunny days...
almost cloudless sky...
the kind of day you want to copy and put away in a safe place...
so that you can pull it out and visit it at any given moment...
(like the middle of January!)

I was filled with a very strong feeling throughout most of the day...
extreme, profound gratitude.

for this life, this day...
my family, my friends... the people who make up my wonderful, wacky world.

Gratitude for my home...
a home that we dreamed of, designed, built from wood and filled with memories...
a place that feels like a living, breathing entity of its own.

Gratitude for the mutts that have found their way into our lives...

For the animals who are always happy to see us....

And even for the ones who could care less...

For garden goodness which nourishes our bodies...

as well as our souls...

Gratitude for having all of the senses that we are blessed with...
so that we can...

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Morning Busy-ness

Our mornings are cool and lovely right now.
Our first chore of each day is to bring the horses down from the upper pastures
where they have spent the night grazing.

We bring them in before the onslaught of flies and gnats begin...
and the horses are always ready for us.
As soon as they see us approaching, they trot down to meet us.

This is one of my favorite morning chores...
especially when everyone is happy and healthy and nothing crazy has happened during the night...
like last week's muzzle debacle.

Peace has returned to the herd.
Everyone is sound and getting along fine with everyone else.

It's hard to believe that just a month ago,
we had several tiny Mallard rescues in our barn.

And now... those mallards have grown mature feathers and are just about full sized.
And with that, comes time for freedom...
time to just be a duck.

Yesterday morning we opened the door to the duck hut and allowed the ducks
their freedom.

We did not wait to see if they would emerge,
because this group of ducks is very wild and very timid.
(We purposefully tried to allow them their wildness...
knowing it would serve them well once released.)

It's good for prey animals to retain a healthy dose of stranger...

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I Love A Rainy Day

Yesterday morning we were greeted by two wonderful things.
This fellow....

and drizzly rain.

After weeks of dry, with the ground starting to feel like cement...
a little rain was just what we needed.
I used the indoors time to do a little attic clean-up.
I have to tell you a little secret.
I save tissue paper.
Yes, I iron it and re-use it.
And so, yesterday I ironed about 50 sheets of used tissue paper and
re-organized my gift wrapping supplies.
Crazy, right?

Noontime brought the mail carrier to the door with a surprise package.

I entered and won a contest on Farm Made's website 

for this picnic hamper

stuffed with Farm Made goodies.

goats milk lotion, soap, bath balls, and washcloths.
What a great surprise!

It's been a very long time since I have won anything,
so I was super excited to receive an email telling me that the picnic basket was being sent to me.

I can hardly wait to pack a picnic in this sweet ole' hamper
and head out to some remote spot on the farm for an old fashioned picnic!


Our poor birds are all on lock-down in their yards...
no free ranging for ducks, hens, or turkeys for a while.

Mr. Fox has been very busy shopping for his dinner amongst my birds of late.
(I know this by the...

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An Explosion

It's hot and humid right now...

which makes for the perfect weather for a garden explosion!

Tomatoes have started ripening; and with almost 40 plants,

we should be enjoying tomatoes over the next 3 months.

It's been the perfect summer for the garden.

I have more cucumbers than I can use.

This was just what was ready yesterday.

Squash and peppers are also abundant.

 With almost 100 blueberry bushes that have finally reached a mature size,
we have enough blueberries for a village!
Next year we may have to open our blueberry field for a pick-your-own day.
We picked 20 pounds of blueberries yesterday and there were still many more left on the bushes.
(Needless to say, the freezer is full of blueberries!)
What to do with so many blueberries and zucchini?

Make blueberry zucchini muffins! (recipe here)
They are delicious... and I substituted one of the cups of flour with whole wheat...
and used coconut oil for the vegetable oil.

I also made this recipe of blueberry bars.

And my recipe of blueberry buckle.

All of this went into the freezer for later consumption.

With regular watering, we have been able to keep our flower gardens blooming.

Showers are predicted for today.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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Road Trip

The "worry list" has shrunk considerably.
By Friday morning, Red's stomach upset had passed and he was
eating and pooping normally.
Donnie's sore fetlock was recovered and he returned to the herd...
not without a fair amount of drama, however.

Scarlet proceeded to re-initiate him into the herd by kicking the snot out of him.
Luckily, he was once again able to run to escape her taunting.

The thing about Donnie is...
he would never kick her back...
he's too much of a gentleman.
He's a very peaceful, gentle horse.
His sister... not so much.

I was so relieved that everyone had returned to normal,
because this weekend was our annual sojourn to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay...
to visit our friends.

And this year...


With Oakley's passing, taking the dogs away with us became a possibility.
You see, Oakley had a fear of the car and once arriving at the farm,
he never left.
He was happier that way.
Luckily, vet care is already here on the farm... thanks to Dr. Becky.

So, Friday we packed our three canine kids into the back seat of the truck and
drove 3 hours to the Bay for a perfectly wonderful get-away weekend.
All three of them travelled beautifully.

We learned that Chester likes...

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We're Off!

We are celebrating, the animals and I...
celebrating the return of the sun...
and the approach of vacation.

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow morning for a week at the beach...
a week of play with our family,
and we can hardly wait.
It's been 7 years since our last beach vacation...
way too long!

We have friends staying here at the farm in our absence,
and neighbors helping out with farm chores.
Everyone here should be well cared for in our absence.

There will be plenty of eyes to keep a watch on our guinea mommas and their egglings.
And to make matters even more exciting...
we have found yet a third clutch of eggs amongst the echinacea next to the greenhouse.

Apparently this momma is not finished laying, 
because, although there are lots of eggs....
she has not yet begun her vigil.
Time will tell.

I will be gone from the blog for the next week.
However, you can follow along with our travels and vacation
on Instagram @beehavenacres.

Have a wonderful week... keep smiling!
We'll be back on the 6th of August with more tales to tell.
Truth be told...
I am going to miss you!
But... we are going to have a blast!!

I found the pineapple headband at Walmart while picking up a prescription for Hubbs.
As I was...

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Will Somebody Please Turn Off The Sprinkler System?

With nothing but a squash leaf as a flimsy umbrella,
Gertie Guinea has been sitting on her clutch of precious eggs...
with patience in her bones and hope in her heart...
through almost 6 inches of rain, now.

It came as gentle sprinkles and torrential downpours, that rain,
and continues to come...
challenging every fiber of her constitution.
And yet, stalwart, she remains...
ever vigilant, lovingly tending to the potential that lies in the eggs beneath her.

At least one more week remains in her confinement.
And then, I wonder what kind of mother she'll be.
Will she be as patient with her gaggle of tiny, active guinea keets as she has been with the eggs?
It all remains a mystery...
a mystery that I hope to witness in due time.

Yes, the rain continues.
Our world is soggy.
And although it is not hot outside, we had to turn on the air conditioning for a period of time
just to reduce the relative humidity within the walls of our home.
Otherwise, I fear we will all end up covered in mildew.

The horses have finally lost their patience with the precipitation,
and prefer to remain under cover.

After days of indoor boredom, 
the pigs and sheep have given up on remaining dry and have once again
returned to the...

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Between the Drops

It's still raining... just ask the sheep.

They stay inside to avoid shrinkage.

It seems these days are the ducks' favorites, however.
They can hardly wait to get outside and enjoy the puddles.

And so, it would seem that Pennsylvania has a monsoon season this year,
and we are in the midst of it.
The rain may continue til the end of this week...
and possibly into next week as well.
I am so thankful that our house sits on the top of a hill.

As you can see... there is no need to water the gardens.
Fortunately, with above-ground gardening, the garden boxes drain quite nicely
and keep me from getting water-logged vegetable plants.

We do need a little sun to balance out this rain and help things to ripen.
The tomatoes above are a new variety for me.
They are known as "Little Smurfs" and are a blue (purple) variety of cherry tomato.
Although tiny, they take forever to ripen.
When ripe, their base will be red and their shoulders will be purple.

I took a walk up through our upper orchard yesterday to check the trees.
It's been a funny summer for fruit... perfect for berries.
And, as you can see, we have peaches ripening...

and pears...

and billions of blueberries...

but not a single apple in our entire apple...

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