“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Flying By The Seat of My Pants...

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video of our hayfields and woods.
The following video takes over where the last one left off...

It's been a busy couple of days with family obligations.
I've been away from the farm quite a bit.

Luckily, though, I've gotten to spend a good amount of time with these two cutie!!

Next week I will be back with more tales from the farm, I promise!
Have a great weekend.
And Happy Mother's Day!!

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Finding Annie

For years we have talked about putting a GPS on our Annie.
Annie is our anti-newfie who loves to roam...
and usually does it on the sloppiest, rainy day.
Her long-distance roaming was the reason we purchased an electric collar
with a 2 ½ mile range.
Based on recent history, though, that range must not be far enough...
because she doesn't respond and return home when called.

We have tried and tried to be vigilant (especially on rainy days) about
keeping her close to us...
but it always seems that when our back is turned, she slips away....
and boy, this girl can run.
We've clocked her with a vehicle at 30+ miles per hour.

Months ago we found a pet GPS (Findster) that offered the exact specifications we needed.
So... we ordered it (and a spare).
Finally, early this week they arrived.

Sadly, it was not charged and ready for Annie's most recent escapade...
she returned several hours later battered and exhausted.
Now she is on house and yard arrest until this leg laceration heals...
with antibiotics for safe measure.

Yesterday we decided to place one of the GPS units on Chester and the other on Black Sammie.
Neither of these boys let us out of their sight, but we were curious as to how much
area they...

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This Is What Happens When I Have Nothing To Say...

I was considering taking today off from blogging.

You see... we've had a string of fantastically beautiful days
and I have pretty much spent sun-up til sun-down in the garden.
I am almost finished planting for the season.

So, although I don't have a farm story to share with you today,
I do have a few photos from yesterday.

I only wish that photos could be a multi-sense experience,
because there is so much that I would love to share that a photo cannot convey.

the song of the birds as they flit to and fro...
the sound of tree frogs chirping in the distant woods...
 the sweet fragrance of spring blossoms carried on a gentle breeze...
the brilliance of colors as life oozes from every crevice of the earth.

Spring offers a smorgasbord for the senses...
it truly is miraculous!

It's been quite a busy week at the bird feeders.
Yesterday a Baltimore oriole visited our hummingbird feeders.
This happens every spring.
Sadly, I did not have my good camera on me at the time,
so Hubbs snapped a quick cell phone picture through the screen.
It will serve as proof of what we saw.

Baltimore orioles visit the farm every spring.
Photographing them has been difficult... they are quite shy and elusive.
I only wish...

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Feeding the Hummers.... And More

You asked what kind of hummingbird feeder was in yesterday's blog post.
This feeder is called "Lil Sweety" and can be found online here.

It's a great hummingbird feeder in that you can actually mix your nectar right in the feeder.
There is a compartment for the sugar and one for the water.
Pour boiling water into the chamber and it mixes with the sugar.
Allow to cool, and it's ready to be hung.  It is dishwasher safe as well.
Best time to wash and refill is after dark....then it is ready for the next morning.

Our hummingbirds seem to really like this feeder.

Yesterday's bird feeder visitor was this Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
You might notice there is another Indigo Bunting on the feeder as well.

Apparently the Indigo Bunting gets grey tips on its feathers after it molts...
and these grey tips wear off, leaving the bird brilliant blue.

Yesterday was the perfect day for gardening.
I spent the entire day planting, watering and playing in the garden.

Early in the morning, I picked our first batch of asparagus...

you might notice that stump in the corner of the garden.
After a few hours of work in that area, it was transformed into this...

It remains a work in progress, and I will share photos when it...

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More Fun Than A Barrel of Fairies!

How much fun can be packed into one single weekend?
Oh. My. Goodness!
A ton of fun!

We kicked off our weekend with our annual preschool day at the farm.
37 +/- pairs of little feet fearlessly marched through the farm

to visit with all of the animals.

This just might be the pigs' favorite day of the year...

so many little people touching them and talking to them.

Ginger and MaryAnn were ecstatic.

Daphne and Chloe were lulled almost into a meditative trance with all of the petting
they received.

I love that these girls are like sponges...

just soaking it all in.

Of course, no farm visit is complete without group play on the pirate ship!

Eventually, they all settled into the picnic pavilion for a picnic...
and, of course, our four dogs made out like bandits!

Meanwhile, I snuck away and left the kids in Hubbs' capable hands.

My daughter Jenn and I headed to Spoutwood Farm in southern PA for their annual
Fairie Festival.
This was perhaps the most amazing festival I have ever attended.
So many people dress up for it and the costumes are fantastic.
It is held on the grounds of Spoutwood Farm and CSA in the rolling hills of PA.
There are food vendors and artists and crafts people...
demonstrations and...

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Donkey Shenanigans and Container Gardens

Some of the time I have a pretty good idea what my animals are thinking.

But then, other times I have no stinking idea...

This past week has been a gardening marathon.
I am happy to say that I am now over half done.
I still have a ton of seeds to get into the vegetable garden,
and then when I am sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that hot weather is here to stay...
(it was in the 90's yesterday... can you believe it... 
I am pretty sure we had snow about 2 weeks ago!!)
soon, very soon... I will put my tomato and pepper plants into the ground.
It's early.
I might be a little ahead of schedule this year... and it feels great!

I have been working on containers...
new ones for the playhouse...

filling up my hollow logs...

galvanized tubs (I love anything galvanized!)...

Fairy garden #3 finished (my oldest fairy garden)...

I can hardly wait to give you the garden tour.
A few more weeks of growth and blossoming, and I will be ready to bring you along for a visit.
Perhaps we can have tea together in the garden as well!!
And, of course, we will invite the fairies to tea.

This summer is going to be so much fun!

The fun starts today.
We have 37 little pairs of feet visiting the farm.
It's our annual...

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TomTom Loves Freshly Planted Flowers

I awoke yesterday morning with the intention of taking it easy.

And then the day started...
and it happened, again.

The day just got out of control... like a runaway freight train.

I suppose if I had really wanted to take it easy, 
I never would have ventured out to the garden.
But I did.
And from there it was all downhill, or maybe uphill.

I took another trip to the greenhouse
(they know me quite well, there... I assured them that it was the second out of many visits.)

It's just that every time I turn around, I find another place that could use a flower or two. 

I refreshed this little wagon fairy garden.

It's gotten so warm that I had to fill the pigs' swimming pool.
It was either that or continuously fill up the sheep water bucket...
as the pigs dumped it several times trying to make a cool spot.

One cool spot, coming up....

After Ginger was finished soaking, I just had to change that water...
what a muddy mess!

While I was out planting flowers, I was happy to see that Insect Control
was busily working.
Oh, how I love these bug-eating guineas!

I spent a little time checking the game cameras.
They all been set up in our front yard.

And it's a good thing...

look who came back again...
up the stairs...

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All In A Day

Hubbs was gone all day yesterday.
He took a trip north to do some yard work for his parents.
Meanwhile, here at the farm, I had 13 hours of time on my hands and a list 
as long as the Mississippi.

I rose early and was finished with barn chores by seven.
Luckily I had filled my water containers the evening before,
because we had a power outage which I discovered upon my arrival at the barn.

A phone call from the power company assured that the power would be back on by 10:30.
Luckily, it was on much more quickly and I continued on my list.
House vacuumed, ironing done, breakfast dishes cleaned,
I took a little time to work on a sewing project.

That complete,
I headed out to bring the horses in from the pasture,

work on a little chain-saw project, log moving,
garden mowing and weed-whacking.

By early afternoon I was finished with my list and set out for a quick trip to the
greenhouse down the road.

By late afternoon, the barn logs were planted....

this washtub was filled with wave petunias...

 giant zinnias were planted in the garden
and the garden was watered.

By that time, it was time to collect eggs, fill animal waters, 
and feed the pigs, sheep and goats.

I am eating my (salad) dinner as I write...

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Spring Smiles

Spring smiles,
with crooked teeth and severe under-bite...
but happy just the same!

Yesterday was another perfect day and we made good use of it.
All of those walnut limbs and tree tops were put through the wood chipper...

and made into a large pile of mulch...

which we then spread on the entrance to the picnic pavilion.

Nothing goes to waste around here!

The requisite supervisors were on the job...

making sure that all was to their liking.

Lucky for us, they're not hard to please.

Sadly, the labor force around here is prone to slacking...

They just like to hang out wherever we are.
Chester was off exploring... but always within eyesight.
Oakley was napping.

The walnut tree that was felled in the pig pen is all but gone, now.
There are just a few pieces of trunk that will need to be cut.

While we moved the wood out of the pig pen,

the pigs were out in the front pasture, torturing the horses.

Moonbeam kept trying to open the gate, 
telling us how unfair it was that the pigs were out in his grass!

He had his turn next...
and spent several evening hours out grazing and wandering.
It's just so hard to have to learn to take turns.

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Goodbye April

Spring is here,
and I can confidently say, now, that there is no going back.
Today we say goodbye to April.
She started out a little crazy, but ended up quite lovely.

Every spring there are more and more jonquils in our front pasture...
of every type and color...
and I didn't plant a single one of them.
(They must be very old.)

Everywhere I look flowers emerge...
Violets and wild strawberries...

Blossoms on the flowering quince...

The apple orchard...
(with two somewhat naked sheep resting in the back)

I completed the first official mowing of the season this weekend.
No chore is ever done in solitude,
there is always company.
Turkeys in the tractor garage...
ok, guys, if you are going to just stand there loitering... grab a mower!

Guineas following the mower...
providing comic relief...

I worked in the garden as well...
weeding the red raspberry patch.

I planted four red raspberry plants last summer and they did very well in this location.
You can see them in the upper right corner of this photo.
They were originally a single stem and now they are bushes
and have sent several small shoots up around them.
This weekend I added 6 more plants.
I learned last year to not mix your berry plants.
Keep your...

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Thursday Busyness

Snow flurries and overcast skies greeted me at sunrise; pretty much a raw morning as the wind is whipping around, making it feel much, much colder. The high temperature today is supposed to be 24, so the daily pattern of “break ice, fill with warm water, repeat” will continue so the sheep and chickens will have something to drink. Meanwhile, Lily is tending the fire for me while I make a pot of tea, and by tending, I mean napping upright on her pillow.

On my agenda for today, along with a mountain of laundry: cleaning up the last of the decorations and messes from Christmas, like the one I made in my sewing room while wrapping presents a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been able to put off dealing with that by just staying out of that room, but yesterday I couldn’t find my scissors in the midst of all the clutter, so its time. I also want to finish binding a small lap quilt I made for myself. The fabric has a Christmas theme and colors, but I used some really nice warm batting between the layers so I’d still like to use it for a little while, at least until spring. 

I’d also like to warp up a couple of my rigid heddle looms today... I have some really pretty yarn I’ve been holding on to...

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One One Eighteen

10 degrees at 8:00 a.m., and everything was so quiet and still..... the new year is off to a cold start. No resolutions, no goals or expectations for the next twelve months; just to try to be a better version of me.
Oh, and start blogging again. Well, that and eat healthier. And a little more exercise wouldn’t hurt... *sigh*
Hello, 2018!!

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Friday Farm Fotos: Random Birds

Lily enjoys the autumn sunshine.

Well, the hummingbirds have finally moved on... *sniff*... the last time I saw one was on Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure the cool nights this week have alerted them to the fact that it is time to go south. I will leave the feeders up for a couple more weeks in case some more pass through and need a drink. I'll miss them and their chatty little squeaks, but I'll still have lots of company at the seed and suet feeders to make me smile. Here are some of the different birds that visit on regular basis and will continue to do so through the winter.

Next to the hummers, I have to say that the nuthatch is near the top of my list of favorite birds. 
Their acrobatic moves amaze me, and I love their quirky little raspy call.

And of course, bluebirds always make me smile.....

Blue Jays are noisy birds, but I like having them around. 
They are beneficial when you have chickens in that they will alert you when danger is around, such as a hawk or a cat.

We have an abundance of male and female red birds (cardinals) that feed every morning at the sunflower feeders.

Doves are also plentiful, and since they are too big to perch on the feeders I scatter a little bit of seed...

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Hatching An Idea

In case you are still wallowing in Winter's leftovers...
I wanted to give you hope.

We had a glorious day yesterday... not yet as warm as we would love it,
but still, not cold, not rainy, not snowy.
And since we cannot be picky, we will just call it glorious!

The sun shone and the colors brightened.

We've been having some trees cut down...
pine trees that are dead and threatening to fall on structures.

We also had a few black walnut trees next to the pasture taken down.
Black walnut is toxic to horses.

The sheep were quite curious about this new addition in the pig yard.

You might remember that we have a 250 year old pine tree by the barn.
It is mammoth and seemingly healthy, despite a lightening strike a few years back. 
Fifty yards from Sampson, out in the front pasture, lived his sister tree...
a much smaller version.
Sadly, this tree was half dead and needed to be cut down as well.

Yesterday, I was out in the front pasture cleaning up manure.
Hubbs was fixing fences,

and the dogs were busy playing.

As I worked around the felled pine tree, 
an idea started to percolate in my tiny brain.

I realized that the trunk of this tree was way too big for us to cut...
and it seemed a waste to just have it...

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A song has been running through my head this week...
"This is the dawning of the Age of Ambivalence....
Age of Ambivalence...." a perhaps more accurate rendition of the song.
(After all, astronomically speaking,
the Age of Aquarius will not be dawning for another 579 years.)

Yes, Mother Nature is proving herself quite fickle this year...
her ambivalence regarding the seasons has us all a little crazy!

And so, while yesterday's snow was falling,

the trees kept budding, the bulbs kept blossoming,
and the first seedlings began pushing up above the soil in search of sun.
Search on, sweet seedlings...
for I know not where the sun might be.

Finally, there is evidence of growth in the vegetable garden.
The spinach and radish seedlings have emerged.

There is still no sign of sugar peas as I had hoped...
but the ground looks a little disturbed as if perhaps our massive rabbit population
has been dining upon dried peas.
If nothing germinates in the coming week, I will re-sow those seeds.

The rhubarb is coming in strongly as well as many tiny weedlings...
the tiny beginnings of my gardening nemesis (nemeses).

Warmer weather is inevitable.
With that in mind, we have scheduled our sweet sheep for their yearly...

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Press Pause

Sometimes life must take a little break for the truly impotant things...
like a two year old who is under the weather.
We’ll be back tomorrow with more tales from the farm.

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Today's post is brought to you by the color yellow.
Bright. Sunny. Yellow.

You see... Spring visited (visited, as in temporary) us on Friday and Saturday.
To say those days were glorious is an understatement.
They were magnificent.

Warm, sunny, breezy...
birds singing, bees buzzing, buds opening...
We revelled in the warmth and rolled in the grass.

And then it was gone.

Spring is a vixen.
She's a temptress, a tease.
She gives us a taste and leaves us wanting for more.

Once again we are plunged into what feels more like February than April.
It's cold and wet and gloomy and not Spring-like at all.
except, She left behind some yellow.

Yes, yellow... the first sign that more is to come.

Forsythia by the old log cabin...

Daffodils at the edge of the woods...

and goldfinches...
(who, for the past 6 months have worn a drab coat of tan)

It always amazes me how goldfinches have the ability to change the color of their feathers...
from brilliant yellow sunshine to drab olive tan...
and vice versa, in just a matter of weeks.

It's just another one of those little miracles that so often goes un-noticed.
Our world is full of tiny miracles like this... we need only open our eyes!

By Saturday I had...

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A Day Well Spent

Years ago I wrote a blog extolling the virtues of dirty fingernails.
Dirty fingernails being the evidence of a day well spent...
with hands in the good earth helping to propagate new life.

The blog entry published and by the end of the day I had had more hits
than ever before.
 I wondered about this phenomenon and did a little research.
At that time I used a widget that helped me analyze from where blog traffic had come.
This particular day there were many hits from search engines
exploring the internet for "dirty fingernails".
A little more research revealed to me that "dirty fingernails" is a "thing"...
a fetish.

Now, I am not one to judge others' quirks...
after all, I kiss pigs.
(yep...right on their dirty little nosies!)

But... since then, I have found other ways to describe the delight that I feel
on those early spring days when I am able to once again work in my garden.

I'm sure you will agree with me...
there is just something energizing about Spring...
about being outdoors touching Mother Earth...
be it with bare fingers or bare toes.
It's therapeutic.
It will cure what ails ya.

Months ago we watched as winter drained the color from the earth.
Gone were the reds, golds,...

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Come Fly With Us...

I had a discussion with our fairies amidst all of their flitting around yesterday,
and asked them if they might help us out.
( I know... their first full day back, and already I've asked them to do me a favor!)

I had wanted to give you a fairies'-eye view of our hundred acre wood...
where, of course, our fairies spend their winters.
There are many hollow trees and hollowed-out stumps that make the perfect
chambers for winter slumber.

The softest of moss is used as a bed and pillow,
with a fuzzy sycamore leaf for a blanket.
Their winter snacks are stored in acorn canisters with acorn caps to keep what's inside 
fresh for months.

Of course they willingly share their stash with mice and squirrels.
Fairies are never stingy.
But, I digress.

I was able to convince one of our more adventurous fairies to fly as high as she could
with a tiny video camera and give us a look at the woods and surrounding lands.

This is what she brought back to me:

This is the land that we love so deeply...
where the magic unfolds each and every day.
Hopefully the video gives you a better perspective.
Now, just imagine it with all of the leaves on the trees....
it is spectacular!
And it won't be long now....

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The Fairies Have Arrived!

When a day starts out with a sunrise like this...
there is no doubt that it is going to be a magical day.

We had the most magical of days yesterday.
Our fairies returned from their winter of deep sleep 
in our Hundred Acre Wood.

Luckily I had their new fairy garden ready for them.

It took them no time at all to settle in to the tiny house and gypsy wagon.

This fairy garden is just one of several here on the farm,
but it is the newest.
It's a special garden dedicated to our gypsy fairies...

those fairies who come and go...
passing through our countryside as they wander the world in search of
merriment and adventure...
in their tiny gypsy vardo...

pulled by a tiny unicorn.

I had tea set out to welcome them... although they prefer wine and song.
But it was early in the day... too early for wine.

I am often asked what plants I use in my fairy gardens.
Luckily, some of our local greenhouses have a good selection of tiny
terrarium-sized plants.

In this garden I used several varieties of creeping thyme along the front of the garden.
These will drape out over the front of the garden as the summer progresses.
I also used a variety of mosses,
tiny pink shamrocks,
dwarf stonecrop sedum, 
and string of pearls......

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Sheepish Makeovers

Yesterday was sheep shearing day...
and not a minute too early for these gals.

The pictures start here...

with two calm sheep just waiting in the barn for the shearer...
actually... one calm sheep and one hiding sheep.

The story, however, starts a half hour earlier.
And no... there was no way I could take photos of the process of getting these two sheep
moved from their yard to the barn.
To say it was difficult is an understatement.
It was almost impossible.
It took me pulling with all my might and Hubbs pushing with all of his to get
these gals to move.
We had to do it one-at-a-time...and the process moved along an inch at a time.
When these gals decide they don't want to do something...
well... it pretty much takes a village to change their minds.
Next time we hope to have a village.

Once they were in the barn, though, they settled down and were compliant.
Meanwhile, Hubbs and I and the dogs waited out on the lawn for the shearer.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so we enjoyed just sitting there

soaking in the sun.

The shearer arrived and got right to work.
Hope went first.

In less than a half hour, her fleece was removed...
about ten pounds of wool.

What remains is the softest (and much cleaner)...

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This Pig Isn't The Only One Smiling...

I am so happy to tell you that we enjoyed the first
truly spring-like weekend of the season.
We are all smiling!

It was a weekend full of outdoor activities...
giving us the ability to check a few things off the spring chore list.

Tim and Amanda were home for the weekend,
so we took advantage of the extra hands and worked on that felled
walnut tree in the pig yard.

It was a rather large tree, 
but with three of us using chain saws,

the work went quickly.
I love my little chain saw.

It's an arborist's chain saw and is perfect for branches.
I am very, very careful when using it as it is a rather dangerous piece of equipment.

But, oh, what fun I have with it!

After the tree work was finished, I trimmed pigs' feet.

Our pigs are quite tolerant.
As long as someone is there to rub their bellies, 
they could care less as I work on their feet.

I love the fact that our dogs are so comfortable with all of the animals.

Chester has been a very quick study and has adapted to this farm life as though
he were born here.

This weekend was the first and second trial of the grazing muzzles.

The horses were not impressed, but it only took a little time for them
to learn how to eat with them on.

Still...they snort their...

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No More Talk of Weather... After This

I don't know about you...
but I can't remember a spring in which we talked about the weather
half as much as we have this year.

It's almost as if Springs arrival is tomorrow... every day... tomorrow...
except, tomorrow never comes.

We get a teaser day every week or more...
and then the next day... right back to where we previously were.

Yesterday, it snowed. 
Just flurries.
But still... snow.

And yet, the grass is getting green and growing like crazy.
It won't be long before the onset of mowing season.
I've never had to mow in a winter jacket.
I sure hope this year doesn't set a precedent.

It's also time to get out the grazing muzzles.
You might remember that I had great success in using grazing muzzles on the donkeys.
And the amazing thing was... they didn't seem to mind them at all.

Here you see Dr. Becky's pony, Shirley, (sister to my Donnie and Scarlet)
wearing her grazing muzzle.

Note the fancy hairdo that helps to keep the face strap in place...

Well... this winter I ordered muzzles for all of the horses and ponies.
Because new spring grass has a very high sugar content... and is very high in calories,
we will be using grazing muzzles so that our horses can still spend a decent amount of...

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Happy Thanksgiving....

Hubby and I and the critters are still alive and kicking and all is well.
And thanks to those of you who have checked in on me.
After an unexpected blog break, I will be back next week with some updates. I promise.
Until then.... have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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Three and a Big Surprise

Lily loves our mail lady.
Probably because every time she comes up the hill, she has a package for Lily.

This time it was from one of my dearest friends in another state.....

There were two sweet cards inside~ one for Lily, and another one for... Lily's Birthday!!

Yes, you heard me~ its all yours.

The box was pre-inspected.

Each gift and the adorable wrapping paper were also pre-inspected. *Sigh*

Apparently this one met approval even before it was unwrapped. :)



Treats!!! *YUMMY*

I told her to smile for the camera, Angie~ this is what I got. 

And that smile says "Thank you."  

So, how did she spend her 3rd Birthday?

Uh, lets just say it was.... uneventful.  ;)

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Friday Farm Fotos: Bad Girl

It was getting dark and someone was missing; one large red hen with a pair of big yellow feet and an attitude to match. I looked up and down and in every nook and cranny with my flashlight there was no sign of her. The only clue was a red tail feather I found in the grass near the barn, and that is never a good sign. Most of the time if there has been a predator attack there is more than one feather on the ground, so that made me think she could still be out there somewhere, but as darkness fell and my batteries started getting weak, hope of finding her alive faded with my flashlight. 

I was sad.... I never like to lose any of my birds.....

Morning came. It was unusually foggy.... I didn't think it would ever get daylight. I had just poured a cup of coffee and was staring out the kitchen window, when....

I saw her.

Meandering across the back yard, looking over her shoulder as if she was hoping nobody would see her sneaking back to the chicken coop before dawn. My heart was happy!
But then, I chuckled...
At the thought that her hiney was safe but her reputation was ruined.... :)

Happy Friday!

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A Dream Come True

Time sure flies... it's hard for me to believe that we've been living in our home for 8 years now.
All this time I have longed for my very own sewing/craft room. I'm certainly not complaining, because most of the time I've been fortunate to have a room with my sewing machine set up and ready to sew, but the spare bedroom it was in has always been shared with lots of other stuff- a kind of "catch-all" room; things that we didn't have space in the closet for and didn't want to throw away found their way into this room, at one point even a huge treadmill and stereo with CD collection were crammed in there as well.

A couple of months ago Hubby told me he would build some wall cabinets for me and help me paint, and my new sewing room would be ready just in time for my birthday. (Yep, I think I'll keep him. *swoon*)
So, after some planning and several trips to the local Goodwill with old clothes and what-nots, the room was cleaned out. The walls were painted and the cabinets started going up....

And now my dream has come true.
Here are the before and after pictures~

The "before" was a mess of this and that with no place to put anything, 
but now I have a place for my computer and large work...

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Friday Farm Fotos: Fog Ice

It's 8:00 a.m. and 20 degrees~ and a thick fog rolls in.

 Strange icy formations start to appear.

Ice forms on everything.... even the fence.

The coating looks almost fuzzy.

Lily is unimpressed with the fuzzy fence.
She has done her business (which probably has ice on it, too) and now she is ready to go back inside.

Edie, who loves the cold weather, thinks foggy fence ice is delicious.

Daisy thinks it is delightful! :)

Happy Friday!!!

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Autumn Scenes and Other Things

I have to say it out loud and let it soak in for a minute before I can grasp that it is already December.

It begins the season of no pasture for the sheep, with the exception of a green sprig here and there.

And the start of unexpected winter weather, like this snow the week of Thanksgiving.

Fall was pretty this year... Lily took time to pose in front of some leaves for me.

This time of year there aren't many outdoor chores to do, 
so I keep busy indoors where it's warm.
Mostly sewing..... 

I made a few things on my embroidery machine for our little nieces, who are 5 and 2~
a couple of trick or treat bags for Halloween:

And some Thanksgiving shirts, too.

We took our yearly trip to the apple orchard for my birthday in October....

Also for my birthday~ I finally got the sewing studio of my dreams; complete with robin-egg blue paint on the walls and brand new cabinets made by Hubby. *squeal*

I'll save the pictures and details for next time. ;)

Oh, and I went to market and bought a piggy.... 

Happy Tuesday!

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A Close Call

There's not much in my world that scares me.
Except... fire.
Even saying the word sends a shiver down my spine.
But then, when you live in a log home.....  well, you get the picture.

Yesterday, while I was out running errands...
Hubbs got a call from our neighbors.
They had seen smoke at our barn.

Hubbs grabbed two fire extinguishers, hopped in the gator, and flew to the barn 
to find that indeed we had had a small fire.
Luckily, it was a rainy day and it was extinguished by the time he reached it.

During the winter months we keep our water buckets plugged in with extension cords.

The horses' and donkeys buckets are plugged in to a cord that leads into the barn.

Apparently, yesterday, one of those buckets shorted out where it plugged into the extension cord.
It happened to hang over the fence at that same point...
and the fence post was scorched by the fire.

The extension cords and water tank plugs were melted and destroyed as well.

The good news is... when Hubbs reached the barn,
the horses were all as far away from the fire as possible...
at the other end of the dry lot.

It was a close call... a scary one.
But, luckily there was no damage to anything but the water tubs.
It is surprising that the...

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